Being Hyperlocal and Why it Matters

As a real estate agent, you think to yourself “My only job is to sell houses and I’ll be set.” That mindset is so 2000’s. Now that we are in the 2010’s a lot has happened. Social Media has exploded to become the new form of communication/marketing, Lady Gaga wore a meat dress to an awards show, and Millennials have taken over as the largest group of home buyers in history. So why does being a hyperlocalist matter? Well, let’s first describe the millennial generation, and how it relates to the real estate industry.

The Millennialsentrepreneur-593358_640

The Millennial Generation is know as the babies born between the early 1980s up until around 2000. They are the generation to remember where they were on the day of September 11th attacks, the memories of when they first got a Facebook, and the youngest generation to receive an iPhone.

What separates this generation from the rest comes down to one word…technology. There is a good chance that the words “Tech Savvy” comes to mind when someone asks you to describe a millennial. Because this generation grew up in a more fast paced world thanks to the advancement of technology, millennials are also known to be materialistic and very impatient. “We Want Things Now!” Could very easily be the slogan slapped across every millennial’s shirt.

Now, because the millennial generation covers almost a 20 year span, this makes them the largest populated generation in history. The recession of 2008 not only broke their trust of the housing market, but made them wary of buying a house. This is where being Hyperlocal comes into play.

Remember these two key factors when targeting Millennials: They want everything done in convenience to them, and you need to earn their trust in order for them to move forward. So this is where being hyperlocal is should become a part of your website and marketing tactics.


pittsburgh-83838_1280How to be Hyperlocal

Knowing about your area and the best places to eat, shop, exercise, etc. are the hooks to catch these fish; this is how you gain their trust. If a 22 year old college graduate is moving to Raleigh from Detroit, they have no clue the trendiest restaurants to eat at, or the best and safest areas to live in Raleigh. Sure they can look at other websites to gather that information, but you want them to stay on your website. Not only will you keep traffic on your site, but that 22 year old college graduate will see that you are a trusted real estate agent, because you know so much about the area. It provides a convenience for them because they have everything they need to know on one site, and builds that relationship of trust between client and agent.

Utilizing Social Media

Social media is a word that you hear almost everyday I’m sure, if not, you are participating in it everyday. Whether it’s checking your Facebook news feed in the morning when you’re eating breakfast, scrolling through Instagram to see your best friends wedding pictures during lunch, or even watching that video on YouTube that “everyone” is talking about (probably cat videos).

Social Media has become a critical tool in our daily lives in terms of communication/marketing ourselves. This is where you can utilize it to your advantage when targeting your desk-731896_1280millennial market. We are on our mobile devices all the times, why not use it to our advantage. Create an Instagram to show off new homes in the area. Use Twitter to get out a message of a 5K Race taking place this weekend. Make yourself a Pinterest account to show off fantastic DIY Ideas for people looking to spruce up their house they want to sell.

So Why Does Being Hyperlocal Matter?

You as a real estate agent may not fully understand the Millennial Generation, trust us, nobody fully does; but you have to learn how to market to your largest generation of homebuyers. Just read Kaitlin’s blog post about her experience as a millennial home buyer. Dakno Marketing is full of Millennials, so it would be foolish for us not to give you some inside scoop on how to market to the people who most of them works at Dakno.

If there is anything important to remember from this blog it’s this: “Convenience” and “Trust” are the ways to a Millennial homebuyers heart.

Want to learn more about how to be hyperlocal? Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk to you!

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