Lead Generating Web Design is Not Enough

Not only do we design lead generating real estate web sites, we also coach our clients in the best way to convert website leads into sales. After all, what good good is a lead generating website if you can’t convert the leads. All too often I talk to Real Estate agents who think lead follow up is simply adding the person to an email drip campaign. I am amazed that many real estate agents never actually contact the person to start a dialog. Let me give you a perfect example…

Last week I checked in with a client who had been receiving great activity from their site. I was so impressed with her site. You see, we had just finished the new web design on her website and already the amount of leads was really picking up. I couldn’t wait to talk with her about all the leads her website had been receiving. Little did I know that the conversation was going to take an entirely different path. When my client answered, I mentioned the increase in “Real Estate Buyer’s Guide” leads received over the past 2 weeks. She said, “Yes, I want to ask you about that.” What she said next almost knocked me out of my chair. “I haven’t gotten around to updating my Buyer’s Guide so I have just been adding the names to my email drip list.” I couldn’t even believe it. Most of these leads had even given their phone numbers. It would have been a perfect opportunity to start a dialog with these leads about what specific information the real estate agent would like to include in the buying guide. Needless to say, I spent the next few days coaching my client on how to effectively respond to leads from her website. Below are a few tips that I shared with her.

Personalize the Impersonal

The Internet can be pretty impersonal. So it’s up to you, as a savvy real estate agent, to begin to break down those walls. It’s vital to correctly follow up with your website visitor to increase the personal interaction thus making it more likely to convert them into a sale:

Read the Lead

Did the lead include their phone number? If so, call them and establish first contact. Do not hesitate. Most internet leads end up doing business with the first Realtor who contacts them. But remember, the focus of the phone call is not about how you are the best at helping them buy or sell a house. Instead, keep it all about the lead. Show that you truly care about giving them the information that they are looking for. For example, “I saw that you requested a Relocation Guide. Before I send this out, is there anything specifically that I can include?” This not only shows that you are trying to best serve them; it also gives you more details about the persons specific real estate needs.

Be A Detective

Look for any clues that will allow you to better “connect” with the person. Always look at their email address and try to make a connection. If the email address is luv2run@aol.com then obviously this person enjoys running. When you reply to them, mention the email address and attempt to make a connection: I noticed by your email address that you enjoy running. May I interest you in learning a bit more about homes for sale in AnyTown community which is located next to the local greenway trail? You can also do this by searching for the domain name of the email address. If the email address is bill@JonesandBrownLaw.com then go to the Jones and Brown Law Firm website and check out the staff page. These clues will allow you to tailor your response to best personalize the email. Just don’t go overboard and make them think you are stalking them!

Follow Up

Good follow up is imperative. But don’t just trust yourself to remember to call or follow up. Instead ensure you have a documented follow up system that will automatically remind you to contact each lead. It’s also important to use multiple communication tools. Don’t just rely on email. Your response could be accidentally getting caught as Spam. Your chances of successfully starting a conversation with them will greatly increase if you use all of the communication methods available to you. And yes, that does include actually mailing a hand written letter.

Treat the lead like you would want to be treated

Think about what would motivate you if you were a website lead on a real estate website. Use this information to determine a strategy based on what would encourage you to work with a particular agent whose website you engaged with. Before your phone call follow up: Develop a call strategy. Write down talking points. Determine what you will say if you get voice mail.

Keep a Clean Lead Database

If you have contacted the person 3 times and they have yet to respond to your emails or phone calls, mark the lead as inactive, and set a reminder to follow up in 6 months. By keeping track of your leads and their status, you will be able to prioritize and focus on the good leads and leave the inactive leads to be followed up later on. Remember: Getting good leads from your Real Estate Website isn’t hard; the hardest part is converting the lead. Stay on top of your leads and if you are too busy, hire someone to do it for you.

4 thoughts on “Lead Generating Web Design is Not Enough

  1. This is a great post! To be sure, a web-site that doesn’t generate leads, won’t create the opportunity to use the necessary follow-up tools and actions you’ve described here. Once you have the lead generating tool operating well, it is essential to have the selling and closing plan in place and functioning well.


  2. I can’t agree enough. This business is all about person to person contact. Drip marketing is a must-do, but in my opinion it is more of a “net” to catch things that slip through the cracks. It should never be used as an end all, be all marketing tool.

    Call those leads! Can’t stress it enough. They’ve already come to you via your site, now you have to reel them in.

    Chris Roberts
    Bank of America


  3. Great advice. Remember, that people researching on the internet do want to meet with you, they just may not know the benefits. Having a command of scripts to book appointments is key to turning leads into appointments 🙂

  4. “How to effectively respond to leads from her website.”
    I agree ALL leads should go into a hopper, email follow up system. But it’s about developing a rapport relationship with the subscriber. Sending them additional content “free report” or “starting a blog” are great ways to give additional value.

    The more you educate the client, give value the easier your real estate marketing becomes.

    Great info…


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