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A Word About Missing Keywords

Often our clients will create new pages, and write a bit of copy with their easy to use Agent Backdoor site editor. Maybe the article is about “New Construction”. When you write the tile “New Construction” always place a geographic reference in the tile for search engines and site visitors. The same is true when you write copy that includes references to “Realtor” or real estate agent. I suggest you add Raleigh Realtor, then link that phrase to your “About You” page.

Make the Call – The Call to Take Action!

I love it when real estate agents include a strong call to action at the end of their articles and I always suggest you conclude each page with a strong call to action:

Contact me to get a free copy of my new construction guide and to take that first step in building your next dream home.

Take a good look at that sentence. How would you improve it from an SEO perspective? That’s right, add the area keyword and a sense of urgency; “Contact me today to get a free copy of my new construction guide and to take that first step in building your next dream home in Raleigh.

One Voice!

When adding new content to your real estate website via your Agent Backdoor, be careful to ensure you write consistently in one voice. I like reading web copy in the first person and not third person. It’s more personal when information is written in the first person. If you add new web pages to your website be consistent and avoid leading your site visitor to believe you are schizophrenic. It’s really strange to see some pages written in the first person and some written in the third person!

Fonts – Keep Them Clean and Simple

Also be consistent with font styles, sizes and colors. One sure fire way to make a website look less professional is to add web content that looks different with yellow highlighted text, or text in loud bolded underlined colors. It makes your website look like it was built in the 80’s.

Time to Take a Closer Look at Your Real Estate Website!

Now would be a great time to take a closer look at your website. Does it have a variety of wacky font styles, colors, weird bolded words that are underlined for no apparent reason. If your website suffers from these issues, make the corrections now.

Stay tuned for even more tips on website design and SEO.


P.S. My thanks to Raleigh real estate agent Jenn Nowalk and her husband Rich for being kind enough to be placed in the Dakno website review “hot seat”.

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