Staying Top of Mind – The Right and Wrong Way To Do It

“Stay top of mind” is a phrase that I hear so many marketing gurus utter. Even I have been guilty of saying it on multiple occasions. But, the problem is that just “staying top of mind” doesn’t help your business – you have to go beyond that. Let me give you an example. What if I walked up to you and said, “Hi. Remember me? I’m Brad.” I then proceed to throw a cup of water in your face. Would it be memorable? Would I be top of mind? You betcha! But, I’m not sure it would help me sell you a website. You may think that’s a little extreme. But, many of the drip campaigns and spam emails being sent out all in the name of staying top of mind are just as bad.

The Death of Email Marketing?

I’m not suggesting to stop email marketing. I’m saying to stop the BAD email marketing and begin thinking about a total solution to stay engaged with potential and past clients.

Don’t send something just for the sake of sending something

So many agents feel pressured to blast their database just for the sake of “touching” their list. Growing up, my mom would tell me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” When it comes to email blasts, “If you don’t have anything valuable to send, don’t send anything at all!” Blasting your database with digital garbage does nothing but flag you as a spammer and makes people run the other direction.

Pre-Built Email Drip Campaigns are NOT the answer

I am frequently asked, “Does Dakno have prebuilt drip campaigns?” The answer has and always will be no. Why? I think canned email messages hurt more than they help. They are either so watered down for the masses that they become ineffective, or they speak to the wrong audience. I’ve received emails about lead based paint from agents who only deal with new construction and campaigns about landscaping and curb appeal from Realtors who only sell condos in the concrete jungle.

Other Solutions Beyond Email Drip Campaigns

I understand that gaining mindshare with your database is important. But, make sure people see you in a positive light. This CAN be done with email marketing if you produce great content but agents also have to think beyond email marketing.

Retargeting – The Ultimate Drip System

Solutions like Retargeting have been a staple for successful national brands but few agents implement this proven way of staying “top of mind.” The concept of retargeting is simple. When someone visits your website, they are automatically added to your database (they don’t need to sign up, complete a form or interact in any way). You then have the ability to advertise to this database of people on thousands of different websites including, Forbes, CNN, etc. The beauty of this is that you are only advertising to people who have already visited your website so not only is it extremely cost effective, it’s also very targeted.

Now, all of the sudden, people in your database see your ads everywhere. Potential sellers see your listings being featured on USA Today and call you instead of your competition because of your killer marketing exposure. Buyers surfing and Zillow see your ads touting your superior and more accurate home search tool. They are reminded of you when they see your ad on Forbes or People as they catch up on current events. The result? They associate you and your brand with professionalism, success and trust – not a crowded inbox full of spam.

Get creative about ways to connect with your database and watch your business grow!

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