Top Dakno Client Real Estate Blogs

Below is a list of our favorite Dakno-client real estate blogs. Before we jump in, let’s take a look at why these real estate pros put the effort into posting. I’m confident each agent will say the following are the top reasons for posting content to their real estate blog:

top dakno client real estate blogs

  1. Traffic – who doesn’t want more visitors to their site? In today’s SEO world, it’s really about original, shareable content.
  2. Clients – if you write valuable information, consumers will contact you.
  3. Validation – your blog will establish that you are a different type of agent and will validate that you are the area expert.

Are you ready to start blogging now? These reasons alone should be motivation enough to get you going! If you need more convincing, keep reading.

Top Blogs – The Why!

So what makes these blogs come out on top? Why do they have “it” over some others? A number of reasons! Great blogs:

  • Offer compelling, high-value content
  • Are updated frequently
  • Use sub headlines
  • Deep link to other pages of the main website
  • Typically contain at least one external link
  • Use alt text on their images
  • Vary the permalink, title tag, and post title
  • Use tags and categories – but not too many!
  • Include a compelling call to action
  • Cover a variety of relevant real estate and local topics
  • Never use the default “Uncategory”

Judge your blog based on these reasons why our favorites made “the top Dakno client blogs” list and once you implement these strategies, you may see your blog on one of our posts!

What’s the Frequency of Your Posts?

It’s a fact: agents must post often. It’s equally important they promote their posts on social media as much as they write on their blog. That demands your time and effort. Most agents lack both. Slack off, and you will see your traffic drop.

I’m often asked “how often should I post?” My answer? It depends. It depends on your market and your competition. Take a look around your market and see how often your competitors post. If you can, strive for posting 3-4 times a month and avoid writing “thin” posts.

Is the Perceived Value of Your Content High?

Blogging about a wide variety of topics is important in order to appeal to the variety of readers you have and show value to all of them. Our top bloggers post about a wide range of topics, including:

Are Your Posts Easy on the Eyes?wall-of-words

If I arrive on a post and it’s a “wall of words” I run to the hills. I know you’ve seen posts like this (look to the right). No images to give your eyes a break. No short sweet paragraphs that make posts easy to scan. No sub headlines to breakup paragraphs. No use of bullet points or numeric lists. All of these elements help make your posts reader-friendly.

Do Your Posts Leave Them Hanging for More?

Is your content so compelling your readers eagerly anticipate your next post? If the answer is no make sure your topics offer your readers some type of benefit. As a reminder, here are a few benefits that resonate with home buyers and sellers.

  1. Help make the process easier and less complicated
  2. Help make me smarter about the real estate buying or selling process
  3. Help give me peace of mind about my process
  4. Help me save time
  5. Help make me more productive about my buying or selling process
  6. Help save me money (buyers)
  7. Help me make more money (sellers)
  8. Help protect me from legal peril (fiduciary)

Do Your Posts Include a Call to Action?

Go back and read your last post. Did you end it with some type of call to action? Granted, consumers rarely leave comments on posts but if you don’t ask, you certainly shouldn’t expect to get any. Beyond asking your readers to leave a comment, what are other types of calls to action?

Try these on for size:

  1. Subscribe to this blog
  2. Take a look at this related post
  3. Check out this neighborhood
  4. Find out now how much your home is worth here
  5. Start your home search here
  6. Review our list of awesome home care partners
  7. See why people hire us
  8. Look at all these new and easy to use search tools
  9. See how we market homes differently
  10. Listen to this podcast
  11. Watch this video
  12. Tour this condo building

And the list goes on and on. Do you see a pattern? All of these opportunities keep your reader in your ecosystem! You are constantly reinforcing your brand. You are letting the reader know YOU are the ultimate resource for their needs.

Top Dakno Client Blogs (in no particular order)

Below is a list I’ve compiled of some of the top Dakno clients blogs who regularly maintain their blogs with really good content.

Please leave a comment and let me know what other Dakno clients do an above and beyond job of consistently writing original, quality blog posts.

Pat Licata
Dale King
Jim Dolanch
Kathy Sperl-Bell
Linda Craft Team Realtors
Jim Lee and Ann Cummings
Dano Sayles Team
Brian McCarthy
Ekk and Hamilton Realty, LLC
Mark Richert
Dorothy Swearingen
Robbie Bunting
Thierry Roche
Walter Whitehurst

Honorable Mentions

Kate & Tony Thomas
Amanda Thomas
The Raines Group
The DiMora Team
Debbie Summers
Mark Monge

If your blog wasn’t listed it might be because it was overlooked or maybe it simply lacks some of the qualities mentioned above.

What qualities did I overlook when it comes to producing a top notch real estate blog? Feel like your real estate blog should have been included in this Dakno client list? Leave a comment and let us know why.

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