Real Estate Web Copy Must be Easy to Read!

Take a look at most real estate websites. When you do find meaningful web copy, many times it’s a struggle to read. It’s like a “War and Peace” novel with forever scrolling content. The sheer thought of it sends me searching for the back-button. Have I written terribly long articles in the past? Yes, but no more. Plus, most real estate web sites fail to use proper sub headlines (designated with a Headline tag-H3) to help tease the site visitor to what the paragraph will say.

Your Website Back end Editor Should Allow You to Designate Sub Headlines!

If your current website editor prevents you from having the ability to designate sub headlines in this fashion, you are handicapped and it may leave you on the “long end of the search engine results“. Our Dakno clients can easily use their Agent Backdoor editor to designate tags making their web pages gain the attention of the search engines.

Format Your Copy to be Scanner-Friendly

I also strongly recommend you format your copy with the following structure (when practical). You might be asking why? Your website copy must be scanner-friendly! Site visitors all have a terrible case of ADWD (Attention Deficit Website Disorder).

Consider using this format format for your content:

Page Name: “Must Have Tips for Senior Cape Cod Condo Buyers” – Headline (H1)

Intro paragraph

Sub headline (H3)

Short content paragraph

Bullet points

  1. Cape Cod Neighborhoods
  2. Cape Cod Condo Buildings
  3. Lifestyle Choices in Cape Cod
  4. Hospitals in Cape Cod

Sub headline (H3)

Concluding paragraph. Always include a strong call to action (request this information, read this article). When should the reader take action….NOW!

So the next time you write copy or have real estate web copy written for you, think “geography” and then add the geography identification to the copy. Once you have written the copy 21 times using these techniques, it will become a habit and you’ll write great, reader-friendly, SEO-rich copy without missing a beat!

Your Feedback?

What other techniques have you used to engage the search engines and your target market? Offer your comments NOW! And you thought I would forget to include my call to action! :

Bobby Carroll – Dakno Copy Writer and Twitter Critter: @rewebcoach

P.S. These writing tips apply to both websites and blogs.

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