5 Must Have Gifts REALTORS Want this Christmas!

Part of the DNA of the new breed of real estate agents is their voracious appetite for tech toys. We are all about the “shiny objects”. With the holiday gift giving season upon us, I’m sure you have started your own personal “wish list” of tech toys you want this Christmas. While this list is in no particular order of the “most wanted”, these bright and shiny objects are priced under $150 MSRP. Given our current stingy economy and the state of the housing market in many areas, I figured we all needed to be pretty smart with the budge this year. My compliments to the writers at “WIRED” Magazine and their December 2009 issue for serving as my inspiration for this post.

What Real Estate Pros Want Most This Christmas!Eye-fi Pro

Because every real estate agent wants to be a great photographer like Ansel Adams or the real estate version-Teresa Boardman, the Eye-Fi Pro memory card should be on your “I want it list” this holiday. With a capacity for 4GB, the Eye-Fi Pro card will geo-tag your images and upload your images wirelessly from your camera to your laptop or direct to photo-sharing sites like Flickr! There is also a 2GB version that generally sells for around $60! The 4 GB version is generally priced at around $100. Check it out at Amazon.

A “Green” Stocking Stuffer

Some items on this list could even qualify as eco-friendly “stocking stuffers”, especially this next nifty little item. It’s the Sratch-N-Scroll mouse pad by Scratch-n-Scroll mouse padQuirky. Priced under $15, this cool little “Magic Slate” mouse pad will help you save a few trees and serves as a great eco-friendly alternative to post-it notes. Using your finger or the included stylus, simply jot down those quick notes like passwords, phone numbers and other odd bits-o-info you need at the moment then lift the sheet to erase. Priced under $15, this “quirky” little tech product could be the item you will want in your stocking this holiday season! FYI…. last I heard the product was still in production so getting it before Christmas might be iffy.

The Ultimate Key!USB Flash Drive

How often have you lost a USB flash drive? Maybe had it borrowed by someone in your office who forgot from whence it came … ahum… Brad! Have you have fallen victim to the frail device breaking off your keyring. Great news.. the ultimate USB drive key has arrived just in time for Christmas! It’s the LaCie iamaKey USB Drive. This very cool flash drive has solved the dilemma of losing your key(s). Offering you a robust 16GB of data storage, this handy device allows you to permanently attach this key to your keyring. By the way, the LaCie iamaKey USB Drive keys come in various sizes including 4GB, 8GB and the 16GB monster! Now where are my blasted keys… Brad!

Be a Secret Agent!Agent18

Yes, you too can become a secret agent with the Agent18 Stand-Hear Travel Stand. Compatible with the Blackberry Storm, Palm Pre, and all models of the iPhone, and iPods, this affordable little device is the perfect travel companion for those real estate pros on the go. If you’ve ever struggled with your iPhone when listening to tunes or watching movies in flight, this very cool device works just like a kickstand for your device providing multiple viewing angles. Plus the built in headphone splitter allows you to easily share your favorite song or movie too. Lightweight, portable and affordable (priced under $25), even Maxwell Smart packs this baby!

No Fruitcakes, Just Apples!Magic Mouse

No Christmas tech toy list would be complete without something under the tree from the elegant folks from Apple. Every iMac deserves a sleek, new Magic Mouse and priced at $69, it’s relatively affordable. The folks at Apple have tossed around superlatives like “intuitive, smart, dynamic offering Multi-Touch technology” when describing the Magic Mouse. Brad tells me it’s all true and the Magic Mouse makes a remarkable addition to his iMac. Sorry Mickey, this mouse has you beat this Christmas! If you want to buy one, I suggest you take a trip to the Apple Store. Besides, it’s a great experience anyway.

Disclaimer & Closing Comments!

The only true product experience we have with any of these products is the Magic Mouse. At no time has Dakno Real Estate Marketing been compensated in any fashion for suggesting these items. We simply offer these products as complimentary additions to your technolgy arsenal of products that may make your life a bit easier and more productive. Remember, to quote Jeff Turner, technology is dumb, people make the tools smart.

Our Goal!

The intent and goal of this post was to provide a few tech toys you can embrace and maybe realize some benefit. Besides, it’s “Cyber Monday”. What better way to help you find the tech toys you have been longing for! Please feel free to submit your personal reviews of these products or even offer your ideas for great gifts for the techie on your holiday gift giving list.

Happy Holidays from Dakno Real Estate Marketing!

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  1. I will take a couple of the items. Several seem useful and make great tax breaks. I bought a camera alreday this year. The eye fi looks like a winner for me. Got my photo blog off the ground. Got the idea from you guys in San Francisco. Thanks Eric

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