Does Your Copy on Your Real Estate Website Answer the Questions?

The genesis of this post came as a result of an email I recently sent to Dakno client and Iowa City real estate agent Toni Rubin. Do you find yourself recycling emails as post? You should! That’s how blogging works. Many of the best post you will ever write have already been written! They are sitting in your sent folder of your email client dying to be shared so your readers can benefit from the information. If you have used the same email to answer the same question asked over and over by home buying and selling consumers, retool that email into blog post!!! That way the next time the same question comes your way you can say; “here is the link to a post I wrote that answers your question.”

Thank you Toni for being the inspiration behind this post!

One thing to note about creating content whether it’s for a blog or a website, be sure your copy answers these important questions (when they are applicable):

  1. The what
  2. The who
  3. The why
  4. The when
  5. The where
  6. The how

1.    If you write about an event or a special offer, describe the event or offer. Tell your readers “what” the event or offer is all about. Unfortunately, I’ve seen agents upload event/offer based graphics to their websites and blogs but never actually communicate what the event or offer is actually all about! It’s a missed opportunity!
2.    “Who” is the content geared for? Give some thought to who the information is best suited for. It’s called your target audience! It’s all about having a target audience in mind when you write content!
3.    When sharing information, “why” is the offer or event happening and what is the benefit to the home buying or selling consumer? Remember, you do know the difference between a “feature‘ and a “benefit – right?“.

Examples of benefits include:

  • help me save time
  • help me save money
  • help me make more money
  • help me be more productive
  • does the information, event or special offer make me feel better about myself
  • does it stir my emotions so I’m happier, does it create peace of mind, does it create a sense of fulfillment?

Not every page or post will create those feelings but given the right circumstances, it can! These are benefits.

So What are Features?

Examples include:

  • This First Time Home Buyer Seminar features experts from real estate law, the mortgage industry, and a local real estate expert
  • Your “Get Moving to Lake Mary Relo Guide includes an area map of Lake Mary and greater Orlando, a list of local services providers you may want to consider for your moving needs, up to date school data, parks & recreation information and so much more.”  It should be obvious, this information is geared for the family on the move!Red Ribbon Event
  • The Red Ribbon Event only last for 2 weeks from December 15 through December 31 and includes incredible savings on select homes in the Bay Hill community. The Red Ribbon Event offers the Bay Hill home buyer significant savings on closing cost and home prices that will expire January 1 and will never be repeated. Give your family the best gift they can receive this Christmas… a brand new Lake Mary home! Click or call your Lake Mary real estate pros today to schedule your personal tour of these incredible homes in Bay Hill!

4.    “When” is the event or offer and how long will it last? This is your opportunity to instill a sense of urgency. Act now! Call today! Don’t miss this special event or offer! Use peer influence.. become part of a “select few” who enjoy….
5.    “Where” will the event or offer take place? This is a no brainer and yet so important!
6.    “How” do I take advantage of the offer or event?
7.    Always, I repeat, always conclude the information (page/post) with a strong call to action. Contact us today, schedule your personal tour today…… and then link that verbiage to your email address ( or at the minimum, your contact page.
8.    If you can’t answer the question “who cares?” about this information-offer-event, stop what you’re doing and start over with a different topic for your post!

I trust these tips will equip and empower you to write more high impactful and more compelling blog post and web pages for your real estate website.

Following My Own Advice!

What other best practices have you used to make your web copy or blog post more interesting and compelling? If you have any questions, this is your opportunity to ask me today!! 🙂

To your success,
Bobby Carroll

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