Real Estate Agents – Do You “Think with Google” in Mind?


When Google talks about search and real estate, every broker should listen and be ready to take action! It reminds me of the old E.F. Hutton TV ads. For agents
under 35 years of age, never mind.

If you missed this incredible post by Google, here is the link.

If you didn’t click the link and read the post, it’s okay. Here’s a quick recap of Google’s recent real estate post “6 Key Trends That Search Reveals” and action items how to leverage what Google says.

Searches for Real Estate-Related Terms are Up

According to Google, this past July saw the highest number of searches performed since July of 2008.

Stats mentioned in the post stated something we all knew. Half of all home buyers start their formal home search 6–12 months in advance. The vast majority of these (3/4) start within a year of their purchase.

Two out of three buyers researched prospective agents extensively online before selecting their agent.

Take Action!dakno-admin-email-marketing-tool

Knowing buyers are months away from signing a contract, “tickle their fancy” by scheduling touches so they are aware of you and your expertise. It’s all about occupying top of mind awareness. Carefully crafted custom email campaigns and info-rich blog posts that show value are a must.

That means taking advantage of your blog and your Admin tools in your Dakno website like your Contact Reminders, Contact To Dos, and your Email Marketing tools. You have the tools. Now put them to work!

Because big decisions spawn little decisions (for example, first time buyer homes and child care facilities often go hand in hand, downsizing mature buyers and estate planning go together, etc), include in your drip campaigns and blog posts articles resources that tie these decision points together to arm the reader. Leverage your “Business Directory” to list local daycare facilities and estate planners to help empower buyers with connected decision points.

The second action item is to make certain you have built a strong reputation online with outstanding ratings and reviews. If you don’t have a solid base of excellent reviews, start asking for reviews on Google and Yelp today!

If you don’t know where to start with your online reputation, Brad wrote a terrific post about ratings and reviews here!

Semantic Search Terms to ConsiderSmantic Search by David Amerland

For a while now, Google has been using semantic search. It’s an effort to improve search accuracy which marries to Google’s mission to deliver the best results for a search query. By understanding the search intent and the contextual meaning of terms, Google can achieve its goal to generate more relevant results.

One of the top semantic search minds is my buddy, David Amerland. He quite literally “wrote the book” on the topic of semantic search.

In practical terms, semantic search is defined as a data searching technique in a which a search query aims to not only find keywords, but to determine the intent and contextual meaning of  the words a person is using for search.

Much of semantic search is being fueled by voice search via Google and Siri.

As David mentions, there are keyword search “verticals” that align with similar terms. These associated terms help deliver better returned results.

The popularity of keywords like DIY, interior design, retro, vintage and other related terms can be coupled with real estate. It’s a “natural” fit. If creative real estate agents will deliver content embracing the context of these keywords in media such as images and videos, the possibilities are endless for eyeballs.

Take Action Alert!

We all know agents that excel in great photography and video. They stand head and shoulders above their competition. By wedding home improvement, interior design,  (and all those popular terms like “vintage”), with real estate, you’ll really amp up your position as the subject matter expert.

  1. Using video and photography, offer tips on home improvement, interior design, and showcase vintage/retro design accessories especially in smaller, fixer-upper homes. Offer video DIY and interior design tips. Share those YouTube videos on GooglePlus, Pinterest, and on your new blogging platform on LinkedIn, in addition to your website and blog.
  2. Create a category in your Business Directory for retailers of these accessories for home decor.

 What Did I Miss?

Based on your review of this Think with Google post, what was your aha moment? What tip will you leverage for your online marketing?

Until my next post,

P.S. Stay tuned for part #2 of my summary of the Think with Google Real Estate article.

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