Caffeinated Marketing Has Powerful Results!

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What I Thought Would be a Wasted Afternoon!

With Brad standing in line at the passport office I figured my afternoon was going to be totally unproductive. I walked up to the barista at the Starbucks and placed my order, “grande’ mild blend and a slice of iced lemon pound cake”. She rung it up and said “your bill has been taken care of”. In bewilderment I said “really”. She said “yes”. I wondered who could have performed such a random act of kindness.

The Power of a Simple Act

This one solitary act changed my afternoon. Sitting down sipping my FREE coffee and scanning the scene, I wondered who was the mastermind of this “Pay it Forward” scheme. At that moment a gentleman went by the cash register and retrieved his credit card. Knowing he was the architect of this good deed, I introduced myself. He introduced himself and we struck up a conversation, the bridge already built by his kindness. I asked for his business card, and he asked for mine. Darn it! I left mine back at the Dakno office. Rule #1 shattered, always have business cards on hand.

So What Do You Do?

I asked what he did for a living and Tyler said, “I work with“. He pulled out his iPhone and I thought, “this is going to be rich”. He showed me a video his company shot for a local restaurant. We agree there were some cool opportunities for our worlds to work together. He had tons of great lifestyle-oriented video content that would benefit our Dakno real estate agent clients on a local level. At that moment, I was sold.

Take a look at Tyler’s videos at video

Lessons Learned From Tyler’s Caffeinated Marketing

Never did the barista say, that guy with is paying for your coffee, nor was a “banner ad” proclaiming for the next 5 customers, free coffee compliments of Tyler Helikson, Director of New Generation Video ( In fact, his act of kindness wasn’t even a marketing campaign at all. Tyler discreetly performed a simple act that had a profound impact on me. He had instant credibility with me. We connected because of his good will. This is what I think Jeff Turner meant when he coined “YEO” – “You Engaging Others“. Tyler wasn’t seeking “customers”. In fact, many recipients were beneficiaries of his kindness and never knew who provided their “perk”-olation.

It’s called “social” networking. Notice social is the first word and that’s exactly what Tyler was doing only in a very low-key approach.

IRL or Social Media

So the next time you engage “In Real Life” networking opportunities, or join a social media site, I recommend you follow Tyler’s lead. Offer value, create opportunities and provide something of benefit. You never know who’s watching or what impact you could have on a person.

Thanks Tyler Helikson, you have a new friend.

Bobby Carroll

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  1. Hi Steve – Because of this unique event I have been inspired to write a forth coming post on the “virtues” of “Praise Marketing”. Stay tuned for that one!

    Missy – Were you there watching this go down? 🙂

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