Dakno Admin and Blogs Connection

We offer the ability to connect your Dakno blog and website*. Recently we’ve made some changes to this connection to improve this connection and make it easier to use third party applications, such as the WordPress App for mobile devices.

If you stay logged into your site, you will need to log out and log back in to allow your user account to sync with your blog. Once you’ve done that, you can visit the Blog(s) link on your menu. This page will list all the blogs associated with your account  (much of the time it’ll just list one). Once you’ve selected your blog, re-type the same password you used to log into your Dakno Admin account, and it’ll log you into your blog.


Once there, if you’d like to use the WordPress App to create posts on your tablet or other mobile device, you’ll need to retrieve your username. Under Users > Your Profile, you’ll find your username. While there, we also recommend you check to see if your Display Name is correct, and that any additional information such as your website and biographical information are filled out. If you’d like a picture to appear next to your username on posts or comments, you can connect one to your email address(es) with Gravatar.

Please note that any changes you make to your password via the blog will be lost once you log into your website and the account re-syncs. If you would like to update your blog password, you can do so by updating your Dakno Admin password.

*New users will have this connection automatically if their account includes a website and blog. If you do not have this connection and would like it, you can request it at our help desk.