Dakno Real Estate Web Marketing Announces Revolutionary Features and Enhancements

Helping Dakno Real Estate Clients Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

To help you stay one step ahead of your competition, it’s important your Dakno real estate website provide your site visitors more information-rich resources and advanced neighborhood and condo property tools. In fact, today’s web-savvy real estate consumer expects more from their online experience.

Delivering More Value to Your Real Estate Site Visitors

With more consumers “hard-wired” to hit the web to fact-find and search for homes, it is critical you provide your site visitors more value so you are truly seen as the ultimate real estate resource in your area. Based on your feedback and our innovative thinking, Dakno is excited to announce numerous new features and enhancements for your Dakno website and Agent Backdoor site editor. Below is a complete list for your review.

  • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for Properties – This new feature improves the ability of the search engines to index your featured listing pages more effectively.
  • Add Meta Keywords To Content Pages – The addition of this feature again helps your site be even more organically sound in the eyes of the search engines.
  • RSS Feeds On Staff, Condo and Neighborhood Details Pages – Dakno has added the ability to add an RSS feed to a neighborhood, condo, or staff member details page. This gives the site owner the ability to add blog post to these detail pages on a particular neighborhood, condo, or even a particular staff member and have the latest 5 posts appear on the corresponding details page.
  • Mapping on Details Pages – On neighborhood, condo, and property details pages, provided these pages have a properly associated geo-code, there will be a Google map with plot point of the property, neighborhood and condo building at the bottom of the details page. This map also includes a search bar where your site visitor can perform a Google search and the results will be displayed or plot pointed on the map.  (Examples could fall into any of these categories i.e. malls, coffee shops, gas stations, restaurants) SEE LIVE EXAMPLE AT THE TALLAHASSEE REAL ESTATE WEBSITE
  • Additional Settings – We have integrated additional settings in the admin panel of your Agent Backdoor site editor.  As the site administrator, you now have the ability to control the number of items that show up on pages that contain lists, control the message that is displayed when the user does not fill in all required fields, and select the ordering method the staff members are displayed on the site.  Additional settings also include the ability to add different analytic codes directly into the site. (Google Analytics, Google Conversion, Yahoo Conversion, Crazy Egg)  Other additional settings include the ability to add webmaster tools for Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  • Dynamically Generated Site Maps – We have added a page (www.yourURL.com/dyn-sitemap.php) to your website that dynamically generates a site map of the pages of the site. This not only includes keeping up with any new pages you create, but the site map will also contain links to property, neighborhood, condo, area, staff, and business directory detail pages. SEE LIVE EXAMPLE OF THIS PAGE AT THE DAKNO REAL ESTATE MARKETING WEBSITE
  • Enhanced Thumbnail Usage and Deletions – This enhancement allows for increased efficiency on page load times containing images that are tied to your neighborhoods, condos, properties and staff members.
  • Staff Search – Staff list pages now allows for a search functionality. This search functionality will narrow the list of possible matches as the visitor types.  A paging system has also been added to the staff list page. SEE LIVE EXAMPLE OF A STAFF SEARCH FEATURE ON THE TALLAHASSEE REAL ESTATE WEBSITE
  • Added Virtual Tour Link On Property List Page in Addition to the Details Page
  • Improved Design Layout of the Sold Property Page
  • Added Alt Tags for Menu Images

Real Estate Websites by Dakno that Deliver More Value to You!

As you can see, your Dakno real estate web design and development team has been very busy over the last few months investing considerable time and resources to “push” these new features and enhancements to your website and to Agent Backdoor. This way your real estate website performs at peak efficiency and more importantly, your site offers your visitors more value! If you aren’t sure how these new features and enhancements impact your website, be sure to leave a comment and we will address your questions.

Helping you succeed with your Dakno website,


P.S. – We value your feedback! Tell us what you think about these latest new features and enhancements. Be sure to leave a comment.

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  1. This is totally awesome! I looked at the tutorial for your Agent Backdoor and it looks really intuitive and user-friendly. What can I say? Just really nice stuff.

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