Dakno Clients Start Showing “Skin”

You have to know we are all about real estate marketing here at Dakno. I even commented to Tamara Dorris on her Blog Talk Radio Show that “if my eyes are open, I’m marketing“! One of the really cool ideas Brad (@dakno) came up with was to brand everything that stands still. With that said, we slapped some skin on our laptops, iPhones and Flips. Good thing my grand kids are so active or else they would have an extralayer of skin on them“. 🙂

What’s a Skin?

Designed by our awesome design team (gratuitous plug), our clients get to reach out to their prospects in some really creative ways! Think Add Some Skin to Your Gear!about all that time you sit in your local Starbucks when you could be marketing while your laptop is open. Or maybe those opportunities when you are out and about with your Flip taking video of your neighborhoods or favorite restaurant. Those moments can be used to build your brand and now it’s easier with a skin from Skinit.com.

Display Your Brand With Pride!

So the next time you are out sippin’ a latte at your favorite beanery, make sure you are showing your skin and proudly displaying your brand. It’s sure to create some extra buzz no espresso could match!

Have questions about a skin? Feel free to leave a comment.

Bobby Carroll


P.S. BTW – a laptop skin so ridiculously affordable. Most laptop model skins run for around $30, and the Flip and the iPhone skins sell for $16 each (plus shipping). A great real estate design shop can design one of those bad boys in about an hour or so.

@BrokerSaunders Laptop Skin Designed by Dakno

8 thoughts on “Dakno Clients Start Showing “Skin”

  1. Bobby, what a cool idea! Please add this to my To-Do list for a laptop and Flip skin. What great exposure as w a real estate professional as I’m working in the local coffee shops!

  2. The feedback we receive when we “show off” our “skinz” is amazing. Great question Kay… besides your phone, laptop, and Flip video camera, think about any other tool you use “in public” that would serve as your “billboard” for your brand.

    Just keep this in mind, “image” based advertising will not yield huge results but it is meant to be a conversation starter.

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