What are RE Bar Camps and Where are They Being Held?

Before I go into the details of where all the “known” RE Bar Camp events are being held, maybe I should back this bus up and explain the RE Bar Campdefinition of a RE Bar Camp. The best definition I’ve heard is that a RE Bar Camp is a one-day “unconference” organized by local RE.net volunteers and sponsors.

RE Bar Camps are FREE!

Free to all in the real estate industry to attend (sponsorships are encouraged), RE Bar Camp topics are decided upon by the attendees based on their needs. Once the topics are agreed upon those who are thought leaders in attendance choose topics to lead discussions on that subject. Because of the insane popularity of these RE bar Camps, I encourage you to RSVP as soon as reservations are opened for the event near you.

Helping You Find the Next RE Bar Camp!

Being the tireless eager beaver that he is, Brad developed a map and listed each upcoming RE Bar Camp we know about. Once you hear about a local RE Bar Camp in the planning stages and coming to your area, be sure to DM Brad (@dakno) or my self (@rewebcoach) and let us know to add your city to the Dakno Blog RE Bar Camp map and list. This way everyone benefits from the information.

Can’t Be There Face to Face?

If past history is any indication, every RE Bar Camp will fill up quickly to capacity (and then some-waitlists are common). If you find you can’t beWatch Live Streaming RE Bar Camps on dakno.tv there to meet everyone  “#FTF” (Face to Face), be sure to checkout dakno.tv for a live stream of the event. The dakno.tv “world tour” is making an effort to attend as many of these RE Bar camps as we can and make it easy for you to watch via a live stream. We will also archive each event and post that archived  stream on dakno.tv.

Wave to the dakno.tv Camera!

Hopefully, we will see you at an upcoming RE Bar Camp so be sure to “mug for the camera”.

Bobby Carroll

P.S. Having attended and presented at a RE Bar Camp, Brad and I highly recommend you attend the next RE Bar Camp near you. The information shared is awesome and the relationships you create will be enriching!

8 thoughts on “What are RE Bar Camps and Where are They Being Held?

  1. Ah, this post and map is SO COOL!!! Love having this to refer to – all this info in ONE spot for the REBarCamps! Yay!

    For those who’ve never been to a REBarCamp – GO! So many awesome people to network with, so many great things shared about utilizing today’s tech tools and cool sites, social media, social networking, and so much.

    The trip to get there, the hotel room – yeah, they cost a little bit of money – but the people you meet and the ideas and tips you learn – those are PRICELESS! I am really looking forward to attending more.

    Love this post!!

  2. And the REBarCamps themselves are FREE! Yep, free!

    I love meeting people in real life (IRL) that I’ve networked with online, some for several years – that is one of THE best things about REBarCamps!

    Just Do It, as Nike says! 😉

  3. Bobby with you guys a agent feels like we have a partner in our business. The way you invest in the future of your clients is why you are the best at you do. The map is awesome. We needed a place where we could find all the information in one spot. Great idea.

  4. Great to know. I would really like to get to one. Thinking about the one in San Francisco to take a couple of days off and do something exciting. Thanks for the info.

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