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DaknoAdmin Now Gives You More Control of Your Data

We’ve heard many real estate agents say that they hate changing CRMs because it’s such a pain to transfer contacts from one system to another. We hear you! It’s important to have control over your own database. Especially when your workflow relies on your contacts being properly tagged and notated.

With Four New Fields, Uploading Contacts Just Got Easier

With this latest DaknoAdmin update, you can now import the Assigned User, Tags, Quick Info, and Notes. There are a couple of important things to know about uploading these new categories, so let’s dive in!

A screenshot of an excel spreadsheet showing different fields that can be uploaded to daknoadmin.

Assigned User

After you upload your contacts, why should you have to go through them all again to assign them to different agents on your team? Now, just create a column of your spreadsheet to designate who you want to assign that contact to. No need to worry about an agent missing a lead that should be assigned to them. Everything transfers over from one CRM to another.

Added Tags

There’s no need to interrupt your workflow or organization when importing contacts. You can now keep your tags intact when uploading them to DaknoAdmin.  In order to make sure your tags are pulling in the way you want them to, be sure to read up on how to upload tags here.

Notesa realtor and a client meeting to discuss goals over coffee.

Don’t lose all of your history with your contact. If you want to remember where you are in following up with them, that info can go in this field.

For example, did you call Bob on Wednesday? Sent a followup email on Friday? Keep your records intact by uploading them into the notes section.

Quick Info

Sometimes a contact will give you a useful piece of information that most other contacts don’t have. Maybe it’s their website, maybe it’s a second cell phone number. There’s no point losing that information just because there isn’t a specific box for it. The quick info field allows you to save additional client info right there in the contact card.

Another option is to add notes about contacts that can help you remember them—and allow for personal follow ups. For example, if you were to make a memo such as “Liz is an NC State alumna and a huge fan of basketball,” perhaps you could send her a note when her team wins.

With our new update, you can now save all of these notes right at the top of your contact card.

More Marketing Freedom

Need more help uploading your contacts to DaknoAdmin? Be sure to check out this article.

If you’re on a marketing retainer, feel free to contact your marketing specialist, and they’ll be happy to help you upload any of your new contacts. Not on a marketing retainer? Give us a call! Our 7 hour and 15 hour retainers are the best way to get the most of your personalized marketing strategies and give you more hours in your day to focus on closing sales.

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