Do You Like Movies?

How about sports movies? One of my personal favorites among many is “Field of Dreams.” The cast is most impressive. Kevin Costner, Ray Liotta, James Earl Jones, Burt Lancaster, even Amy Madigan does a stellar job playing Ray Kinsella’s wife – Annie. Now that is a show stopping cast for sure!

Are You Hearing Voices?

Ray Kinsella did! Out of the Iowa corn field came this famous quote – “Build it and he will come!” – he being Shoeless Joe Jackson played by Liotta. Joining Jackson from the corn fields would be a few of the team members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox. Farm owner Ray has such a strong “vision” for the field, he even gets to play catch with a younger version of his dad – John Kinsella, played by Dwier Brown at the end of the movie. Now that scene will grab you for sure!

If You Build It Will They Come?

Based on one of my all-time favorite sports flicks, I wrote a post on my Crystal Coast Blog called If You build It Will They Come? Take a look>

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