Get Listed in Google Local

Google is at it again. The well-oiled machine found yet another user-friendly way to optimize marketing for small businesses everywhere with Google Local. This informative service permits business owners to display their company’s whereabouts through Google Mapping FOR FREE!

As Google continues to bolster its reputation as the beacon for online information, business owners everywhere should take advantage. It has never been easier to find or see the location of a business using the Internet. Type in an address, search through the “Maps” feature on Google’s homepage, and results will quickly be displayed. Because this tool requires active searching, business owners can expect quality leads that are serious about their services. Google also displays coupons with your listing to reward loyal clients and attract new ones. As a real estate agent, you probably think that the coupon section isn’t applicable. But why not add a “coupon” for a Free Relocation Kit?

Setting up an account with Google Local is simple, and the usability is excellent. Why not check out all the features and add your business information?

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