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Dakno Mastermind Recap: Mastering the Sales Funnel

sending mailLast month Taryn and Kaitlin talked with us about how to get started in Email Marketing. This month Brad and Nicola are here to take things to the next level, and focus in on how to market with precision.


Tailoring Your Followup

Nobody likes spam. And I don’t mean the canned meat product – I’m talking about stupid pointless annoying messages. We all want to receive emails that are relevant to us and our interests, and there’s nothing worse than receiving emails that essentially just waste our time.

Of course home buyers feel the same way! They don’t want to get a hundred emails asking when they’re available to tour a listing if they haven’t even decided which part of town they want to live in yet.

Stop trying to hand everyone the keys to their new home and start listening to what their needs are.

So, What’s Your Role?

When it comes to marketing there are 5 different stages that home buyers go through before they’re ready to seal the deal. Each stage represents a different place in the sales funnel. At each stage you must play a different role to the buyer.

Sales Funnel Diagram'

Let’s work our way through this through the sales funnel. Which role should you be playing to the buyer at each level?

The Looker – No, no. This isn’t a good looking buyer. We’re talking about buyers who are just starting their home search. If you were in a clothes store and asked them, “can I help you find something?” their response would be “No thanks, I’m just looking.” They’re doing their own research, and they’re happy just browsing on their own.
Your Role – Information source. This means your job is to provide information. Have information on your website where they can find the answers to their basic questions. Show them that you’re a valuable resource.

The Researcher – These (not-quite) home buyers are still doing their homework. But rather than just seeing what’s out there, they’re identifying what their needs are and which neighborhoods, areas, or cities are going to meet those needs.
Your Role – Customer Service Rep. So if we’re back in the shop, this is the part where they might ask you “Do you have this in blue?” Your job is to provide information and minimal guidance: “No, we just have it in purple. But if blue is important to you, have you noticed this shirt?”

The Initial Buyer – Okay now you can start officially thinking of them as home buyers. They’re beginning to narrow down their options. The retail shopper knows they want a blue cotton shirt, but they haven’t decided which blue cotton shirt they want shirt
Your Role – Trusted Advisor. In our shopping metaphor, you’re now the best friend they’ve brought along to give them your honest opinion. “Oh yes, I think that blue really brings out your eyes.” “Ew, no. Please don’t get the one with the tassels.”

The Active Buyer – Time to start looking at homes! They’re ready to start “trying things on.”
Your Role – Keyholder. They need you to show them around the homes. Basically, they just need you to open the dressing room for them. Perhaps not the most glamorous role, but an important one nonetheless.

The Motivated Buyer – Yay! This is the homebuyer buyer who’s ready to make an offer.
Your Role – Agent. Finally! You get to be the real estate agent. Hopefully this is a role you can handle. 😉

It can be tempting to try to sell to every single person who visits your website, but don’t give in! Not every person is ready to be sold to, so understanding the sales funnel is a great way to tailor your marketing for individuals. By being conscious of your prospects’ needs, you’re sure to see an increase in conversions and in happy clients.

For more tips and hints be sure to check out this month’s Mastermind Session in full here:

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