5 Must Have Ingredients to a Successful Real Estate Website

In today’s highly competitive online marketing arena, if your real estate website fails to deliver the five critical components below, you could be falling behind your competition. Today at 2:00pm EST (1-26-10), we invite you to view our Dakno live stream as we guide you step by step to understand what home buying and selling consumers want the second they land on your real estate website. Come see for yourself what essential ingredients are needed for your real estate website.

1. Themes Are BIG!

  • Themes are a big hit in the blogging world. Now you can have creative design control over your website by choosing the right theme for you. In minutes, dial in your target audience by uploading your header imagery that connects to your target audience, create your color pallet and easily upload your logo. Remember, you should have some design control  so your website instantly connects with your target audience be it a geographic or demographic target audience. Do that and it will help you site connect sooner to your consumers so your site visitors stay on your website longer.

2. Does Your Website Answer the Questions Every Buyer and Seller Want to Know?

    • Guided navigation that gets your site visitor to the answers of the questions they seek is paramount! What are they looking for? How about trying “Search Homes” – “What’s Happening With the Market?” – “Tour Our Neighborhoods” –”Read Our Blog” – and for sellers, “How Much Is My Home Worth?“. If your real estate website doesn’t provide your visitors with the answers to this highly sought after information, they will go elsewhere to find this information.

    3. Are We Connected?

      • Help site visitors instantly connect with you on social media while they are on your website. Include icons for visitors to get to know you via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Now you’re taking your online relationships to a whole new level.

      4. Do You Pump In Fresh Content to Your Website From Your Blog?

        • If “fresh, keyword-rich content” is king (and more important than ever with Google Caffeine), does your website permit easy page generation combined with a robust SEO-robust framework in the content management system (CMS)? Help solve this dilemma by piping in your blog posts to your web pages you create and control with your RSS feed from your blog!

        5. Are You Viewed as the Real Estate Marketing Pro?

          • Continuity of brand on all your real estate websites and blogs is a must. Does your web presence demonstrate your real estate marketing prowess with a consistent brand image? Our live stream today (1-26-10) at 2:00pm show you how you will be positioned as a marketing genius by having a consistent brand message across all your websites and blogs.

          Don’t Forget, join us today at 2:00pm EST at The Dakno Facebook Fan page! Oh by the way, if you aren’t a Fan of Dakno at Facebook, why not become one!

          See you in the live stream at 2:00 pm EST today (1-26-10)!


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