It’s Raining Dakno Admin Updates!

The Dakno team believes firmly in constant progress and innovation. It’s our goal to continue to evolve and provide our wonderful Dakno Clients with resources that will help them be successful What you’ll find below are our most recent Dakno Admin updates. Onward and upward!

Filter To Your Heart’s Delight

One of the most noticeable changes that will jump right out at you is the new functionality to layer filters on all lister pages. Once upon a time, if you were attempting to filter for specific results in that section, you could only apply one filter then sift through spoils.

Well time’s they are a’changin’! Your Dakno Admin page now has the ability to stack filters in that arena. What this means is you can continue applying filter after filter of keywords or phrases until you get the specific lister page results you were longing for.

Use multiple filters to pin down the contact(s) you're looking for

Use multiple filters to pin down the contact(s) you’re looking for

Simply apply a filter in your search criteria and if the results are still too broad, continue to rinse and repeat until what you were looking for is in plain sight. Saving time is the name of the game!

Hold On To Your Assignment Hats!

You asked. We answered. Formerly, you could simply auto-assign various types of incoming leads to specific personnel. We’ve added the functionality to take lead assignment to an entirely new level. Introducing “Round Robin” and “Dibs”!

Round Robin

With Round Robin, you have the ability to create a family or group for each form that a lead would complete and submit. You can designate who belongs to those groups and they will be auto-assigned leads as they come in on a rotational basis.


Selected users for Round Robin Assignments. A user can appear multiple times.

An example would be as follows: Round Robin Group A is assigned to a form labeled “How Much Is My Home Worth?”. This group consists of Allie, David, and Wes. As those home value leads are generated (depending on the order of assignment) each individual would receive one lead and not another until the others have also received one. This keeps the workload spread evenly across your team.

I Got Dibs!

Want to invoke some healthy office competition? We at Dakno have found that in real estate marketing, one of the most important tasks is to strike while a lead is hot. The worst thing any agent or their team can do is sit on a lead (for whatever reason). Thus, we created “Dibs”.

Select users that will receive an email with a special link to claim dibs on a new contact.

Select users that will receive an email with a special link to claim dibs on a new contact.

Dibs is exactly what it sounds like. A lead is generated and Dakno Admin sends an auto-alert email to all parties that you’ve assigned to the Dibs group. Unlike Round Robin, Dibs is first-come and first-serve and creates a great sense of urgency in your staff to jump at every lead the moment it comes in.

Mom! He’s Stacking Leads!

To prevent someone from calling “dibs” and then allowing the lead to go cold (lead stacking), you will receive a Contact Reminder if no action has been taken on that lead. A Contact Reminder runs every few minutes and assesses all of the leads comparing them against a set of criteria predetermined by you.

If there is a match to the criteria when the assessment is run (“48 Hours Since Modified”, for example), an auto-alert is generated with a message (also created by you) and is sent to whomever you choose as a recipient. That recipient can then make sure the lead is pursued.

This is a fail safe built in to maintain the integrity of the process and to keep your leads manifesting into clients.

Contact To-Do’s

Once a lead is assigned via Static (Auto), Round Robin, or Dibs, it’s time to get to the business of converting them into an actual client. With the new “To Do’s” functionality, tasks that need to occur within any particular lead (contact, meeting, etc) can be set by either yourself or an assigned individual.


To Dos allow agents to set reminders to keep up to date with their contacts.

A “To Do” can be set up for anyone under the lead, not just the initial assignee. Due date and reminders can even be added to ensure the task is completed. Once the “To Do” is finished, simply check the box to the left of it to mark it “Complete”.

Updates are Evolution!

Remember that the purpose of updates are to continue to save you time, money, and to also find new ways to generate business for you and your team. The Dakno Team will always hold true to our promise of never-ending innovation and we’re just flat out allergic to complacency. Your success is what we exist for.

If there are any other changes or enhancements that you’d like to see us put into place, shoot us a line! We’d love to hear from you!

Until our next post,


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