Recent Dakno Agent Backdoor Enhancements Saves the Planet!

Ok, so I was getting a little carried away but you’ll soon get the picture (sorry – bad pun). As a Dakno Real Estate Marketing client, you’ve probably heard us mention in the past how your Web site has future proof capabilities. And on many occasions we have “pushed” a few subtle enhancements your way with little fanfare. Well – we have big news for you! We are proud to announce the latest version and enhancement of Agent Backdoor has been released. With this new release, you are provided many new upgrades and new features.

Dakno Marketing Helps Save the Environment!

One of the exciting new features included in this release is the integration of Google Street View. With Google Street View, your site visitors can tour your area from the comfort of their office or home saving them time and $3.50 a gallon gas. Not only are you helping your prospects discover your area from their laptop or desk top, you’re helping save the planet preventing unwanted automobile emissions! I get it… enough of the over-hyping!

How to Flip the Switch for Street View!

Just remember, you must be located in one of the select 40 metropolitan areas mapped by Google. If Google Street View is available in your area, just remember – you can enable it via Agent Backdoor by clicking on the settings icon and selecting “Yes”. To see if Google Street View is available in your area, go to the Google Maps Street View site to determine if it is available in your area and click on the Street View button. The map will then populate “cameras” designating the areas where the Street View technology is available.

Google Street View Addition

Google street view provides an interactive 3-D view of the streets in your area. You have the ability to literally drive down the streets of your area via the web. Many areas allow you to “pivot” Street View up and down. Click here to see an example of Google Street View and to see if it is available in your area.

RSS Feed of Listings

We have added an RSS feed of all of your listings to your property list pages. This enhancement will allow your site visitors to subscribe to this feed and be updated about new property information instantly as you add it to your site. That is real-time information delivery at its best!

Redesign Enhancement of the Area Info Page

We have redesigned the area-info.php page to better showcase the listing of your neighborhoods and condos. This means this page is better organized for your site visitors to eliminate page scroll and provide a more pleasing visual representation of your available neighborhoods and condos on this page.

Enhanced Condo and Neighborhood Information

We have enhanced the condo and neighborhood pages to better optimize for your title tags and meta descriptions. You now have the ability to optimize your site for the search engines. The latest enhancement will allow you to add specific key words and descriptions to your neighborhood and condo detail pages. This enhancement is sure to grab the attention of the search engines even better than ever before.

Drag and Drop Ordering Capabilities

Because we value your feedback, many of you have voiced the desire to reorder information on staff and testimonial pages. Providing you greater control of your Web site, now you can use a simple drag and drop interface to easily update the order in which your staff members and your testimonials appear on your site


Improved Page Load Time

We enhanced the way images uploaded to your site for your listings, condos, neighborhoods, and staff so they render on your site for improved page load time.

Distinction Between Baths and Half Baths

Now your listing information will present separated baths from half baths. Before we were adding half baths devided by 2 to the number of baths, this worked great if you had one half bath because you would show as 2.5 baths for example, but if you had 2 half baths it would show as 3 baths. Now your Dakno Web site will reflect this important information accurately!

An All New Agent Backdoor Settings Page

To allow you greater control over your Dakno Web site we have added a setting page to allow you to enable or disable Google Street View on your site. Currently this is the only option on the settings page, however as we continue to upgrade and add to Agent Backdoor. In the future, you will be given even more control of your Web site via your Agent Backdoor settings page as new enhancements are provided.

General Maintenance of Your Dakno Web Site

Here at Dakno Real Estate Marketing, we are continually performing maintenance upgrades, eliminating bugs and providing you a secure environment which in turn provides you with a better quality product. The ultimate goal is to provide your site visitors a better online experience.

Your Opportunity to Chime In!

The purpose of this post is to be another communication conduit for our clients and to also solicit your feedback. What other Agent Backdoor enhancements would you like to recommend that will maximize your Dakno provided product? We look forward to your feedback and your recommendations.

To your greater success,


4 thoughts on “Recent Dakno Agent Backdoor Enhancements Saves the Planet!

  1. Thank you for fixing the bathroom count! What would be a nice touch/addition if at all possible would be to be able to save a partially loaded listing without it going “live”. I have had occasions where I have been “timed out” or for various reasons had to abandon a listing mid-entry and lost all data/photos because it could not be saved mid way through. A saving or previewing feature would go a long way. Just a thought…Sheila

  2. Hi Shelia, you can actually designate the “Status” in your Agent Backdoor under “Property Details” to be set to “pending-hide”. This will allow you to save the listing without it being “live” on your site. Let us know if we should contact you if you need additional assistance.

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