What’s New in DaknoAdmin? Top Highlights from the First Half of 2021

At Dakno, our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience, so we’re always looking for ways to improve. Every day, we make updates to our system to better its appearance, functionality, usability, and performance. These might be routine bug fixes, enhancements to existing features, or totally new features—and we want to make sure you know what’s new in DaknoAdmin!

Top Updates from the First Half of 2021

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes these past few months! Here are some of our favorite enhancements and updates.

Dark mode in DaknoAdmin

An option in various applications and browsers, dark mode uses light text and icons on a dark background (rather than the opposite). For many users, this darker color scheme is more visually appealing and can reduce strain on eyes. It can also help save power.

Now, DaknoAdmin has a dark color scheme, too! You can set this right in DA by clicking the icon in the right-hand corner and selecting Dark at the bottom of the menu.

Contact page information update

Need to add some quick information to a contact? Click on your contact, then click the Add Quick Info button to type out a note. Hit Update, and that’s it—no more need to hit Save!

Revamped email marketing message page

Working on your email marketing? We’ve revamped the individual message pages to be a little more informative and user friendly. Now, you can clearly see the status of each message right up at the top. Is your message in Draft? Or scheduled? Or has it already been sent? No need to hunt around to find out!

IE 11 no longer supported in DaknoAdmin

Since the release of their latest web browser, Edge, Microsoft has been slowly phasing out support for their old browser, Internet Explorer. Recently, Microsoft announced that they will officially retire IE next year.

Support for IE has been dwindling in past years, and we want to give our clients the most cutting edge features in technology. Therefore, Dakno has officially ended support for IE in DaknoAdmin.

Bug fixes

Hey, nothing’s perfect! When we find problems, we fix them.

Want to Know More About What’s Happening in DaknoAdmin?

DaknoAdmin is always improving! Stay up to date on the latest and greatest new features on our What’s Happening page. Not a Dakno client just yet, but eager to learn more? Give us a call at any time. We’d love to take you on a tour through our easy-to-use lead- and site-management system.

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