What’s New in DaknoAdmin? Top Highlights From 2020

At Dakno, we’re always looking for ways to improve—and to better serve our clients. Our team is constantly making updates to our system to better its performance, usability, functionality, and appearance. We want our clients to be able to seamlessly connect with and convert leads. Our updates range from routine bug fixes to enhancements to totally new features.

If you want to keep up with our latest updates in real time, check out our What’s New page.

Top Updates from 2020 and 2021

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes these past few months! Here are some of our favorite enhancements and updates!

Virtual tours in DaknoIDX searches

In response to the 2020 pandemic and a shift towards online home searching and viewing, we developed a quick and easy way for buyers to see if a listing offers a virtual showing. We’ve even given them the option to only search homes with virtual tours!

Sold properties optional details page

Want leads and clients to know more about the homes you’ve sold? Now, you can add details to sold properties with an optional sold details page. We’ve also created a new search page just for sold listings. View it at [yoururl].com/sold-property-search.php.

New photo gallery types for Condos, Properties & Neighborhoods

We got tired of looking at the same old image galleries for Neighborhoods, Condos, and Properties. So we added some new gallery types! Choose how you want to display photos of your favorite neighborhoods, condo buildings, or featured homes.

(Just a note, some of these features might not be available to Dakno Legacy clients.)

Accessibility updates to DaknoIDX and themes

A big focus for us in 2020 was accessibility—that is, our sites’ usability for all people, regardless of abilities or restrictions. Our work on both DaknoIDX and our site themes improved user experience for keyboard navigators, those with screen readers, vision-impaired users, and more.

While these updates are mostly specific to our theme sites, we also offer in-depth audits for custom designs, too! If your website is more than a few years old, it might be good to have us take a peek under the hood!

New shortcode for DaknoIDX search counts

We get a lot of requests to have the number of properties in a saved search displayed on sites. For example, a client in the Raleigh area might want to give viewers a snapshot of how many listings in Raleigh currently have open houses. In the past, this was a fairly time-intensive custom project. Now, with our shortcodes, anyone can do it!

Custom form shortcodes

In the past, adding a form to the top or middle of a page, or fancying it up with a background image, was a custom project that often involved both our design and coding teams. Now, like the IDX search counts, anyone can do it!

Bug fixes

One of the most important things we do on a daily basis is make sure our system is working properly and efficiently. Sometimes, we come up with cool new features or enhancements. Other times, we’re working on sorting out known issues with the system or problems clients have brought to our attention.

But no matter what we’re working on, we’re always hard at work making sure you get the best possible product—for your business, your team, and your clients!

Want to Know More About What’s Happening in DaknoAdmin?

DaknoAdmin is always improving! Stay up to date on the latest and greatest new features on our What’s Happening page. Not a DaknoAdmin client but eager to learn more? Give us a call at any time. We’d love to walk you through our easy-to-use lead and site management system.

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