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Each week during our Blogging Boot Camp we share creative blogging ideas, discuss how to implement blogging best practices and offer helpful tips to best use the WordPress blog editor with our real estate agent/broker students. The exchange is fun and the ideas that flow out of our time together are always very interesting. During our recent boot camp call (Thursday-week #7), we shared this idea we thought would benefit the “masses”. Just as a helpful reminder, when blogging, think globally but write locally.

Write for the Masses (in your area)

The best content you can write for your real estate blog is about local information, with a “slant” that is appropriate for a larger audience. Here is a good example.

The Neighborhood Optimization Plan

One of the most underused tools available to real estate bloggers is the use of a “page” (not post) on your WordPress blog. With this neighborhood optimization plan on your blog, you will create a miniature “web” of valuable content that is inter-linked and inter-related. Great for SEO and blog visitors too. Plus – you will come across as the neighborhood expert!

  • Step #1 – Write a blog “page” about a specific neighborhood or subdivision in your area. Include general facts and figures. The neighborhood has 200 homesites, list the neighborhood’s amenities (include a picture), list the price range of the homes, the schools kids attend… the usual stuff.
  • Step #2 – Write a “spider” post on a “topic” about that neighborhood. It could be the next HOA meeting and important items on the agenda, the golf tournament to be held at the club course, or even tips to maintain your lawn during the local drought. The ideas for this could be endless. Just be sure that you link the “post” back to the static “page” on that neighborhood.
  • Step #3 – Write a “Market Recap “post” (Sold Reports, Absorption rates, DOM report, YOY sales…etc) of the neighborhood. Be sure to link back to your neighborhood static “page”
  • Step #4 – Write a post about a “Featured Property”. STOP! What ever you do, don’t just slap a couple of pretty pictures on the post with the “features” of the home. Remember – I “said” “write” a post about a featured listing and talk about why this particular home in this neighborhood is the perfect example of the type of architecture home buyers would expect to find in the community.
  • Step #5 – Write a post about a “Local Shopping Center” near the neighborhood. Talk about the unique shops and services that are available to the residents of the neighborhood. Don’t forget to “link” your new post back to your neighborhood page!
  • Step #6 – Now write a “post” about the “Amenities” in the neighborhood and link it back the page. Talk about the great pool, playground, tennis courts, greenway/walking trails, whatever amenities are available to the homeowners. Always remember to link your post back to your static Neighborhood page.

The number of ideas for writing post on your neighborhood are limitless. You could write a “restaurant review” about an eating establishment near the neighborhood (just remember to always inject your role as a RE professional). You could write a post about a school, a local charity event you sponsored (don’t brag about your sponsorship in your post). One more thing, don’t forget to create a “category” for your Neighborhood and point all your post to that category too.

Now Take Action!

I know I just heard a collective moan from all the real estate professionals – MORE writing! Remember – the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. So get going and “just do it”!

Talk to Me!

What other neighborhood ideas have you blogged about?

Helping you blog smarter,


Dakno Real Estate Marketing Senior Consultant

Your Crystal Coast Blogger

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