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Why Your Writing Matters in Real Estate

What’s your style?

I’m not talking about the way you dress or the way your website looks. I’m talking about your writing style. And in an industry where all agents have the same core values (which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong) and similar services for their clients, you need a way to stand out that is more than just the information you provide.

You need the way you present your information to stand out. And that’s where your writing style comes in.

What’s Your Writing Style?

Writing style is how you write, and it’s a combination of what words you typically use, how long (or short) your sentences are, and how you “speak” in your writing, which is often similiar to the way you talk. You have a distinct writing style that sets you apart from everyone else, including from other real estate agents.

Your Writing Style is Compelling — Is It in the Right Way?

Your writing style directly relates to your real estate business, especially if you have a real estate website and write your own information about neighborhoods, the area, and fun things to do. Why?

Well, to quote MarsDorian,

“Your writing style either shoots air bullets that won’t even scratch the skin of your audience, … or it pierces through them like acid rounds and blows them away in pure “awe”.”

— How to Create a Writing Style That Impacts Your Audience Like A Blaaazing Meteor

person using pen to write on paperYour writing style and your content convey a message, either one that makes a potential client say “whatever” and leave your site or say “yes, this is great and I want to move here/work with this agent/sell my home right now!” and become a lead.

A Great Example of Writing for Real Estate

Let’s take Waypoint Real Estate Group in Celebration, Florida. When marketing the Celebration area to potential home buyers, they included this compelling bit of copy in their call to action:

“As long-time residents of our cozy little area of central Florida, we’ve never given a second thought to the name “Celebration.” Like “Miami” or “Seattle,” it was just another name on a map and the city where we have our packages delivered. The man on the phone couldn’t get over it though, and his intrigue was a humbling reminder of how special the town of Celebration is, and how lucky we are to call it home.”

meeting at a table between two business partnersTheir style here is more conversational; the longer sentences give a whimsical feeling to the information; and the use of “we” and “our” give personal touches to facts about the area. All of these elements of their writing style give the potential home buyer reading this area page a sense of who this real estate group is — conversational, a touch whimsical, and personal — and all of these elements help compel the reader to want to find a home in this area.


Your Style Isn’t Inherently Right or Wrong

With that said, it’s important to note that there is no right or wrong writing style, just writing that is more or less appropriate for your audience. (I wrote a blog post about writing to the right audience last year, which you can read here.)

Your writing style is just one way of setting yourself apart from other real estate agents. If you want to talk about writing compelling content for your real estate website, just give us a call.

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