5 Easy Tips to Uploading Optimized Real Estate Videos to YouTube!

When you take the time to storyboard your neighborhood/condo building video, or  information-based “how to” video or a listing, actually take the video, edit the video and upload your video isn’t the goal to attract as many eyeballs as possible to the video? Don’t you want home buying and selling consumers to see you as a trusted adviser, area expert and tech-savvy marketing professional? These easy to implement tips will begin to help you achieve those goals and gain more exposure for your videos if you will implement these 5 easy tips every time you upload your video to YouTube.

By the way, the genesis of this post came after leaving a comment on a Facebook friend’s profile offering tips for uploading a YouTube video. It dawned on me this information would be useful for all real estate professionals. Don’t you find comments can make an easy transition to blog posts?

YouTube is a Pretty Deal When It Comes to Search!

If you own a Flip video camera, never perform a direct upload from Flip camera to your YouTube channel. Doing that shortcuts many features and details that would provide your video greater exposure! Remember, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. If you want your video to “get seen” it’s imperative you pay strict attention to these details.

  1. Save your video file to your computer’s hard drive
  2. Before uploading the video file to YouTube rename the file name so it is keyword-rich and Googelious (example: your-last-Hilton-head-real-estate-agent.mov). Now you can upload your video to YouTube.
  3. Next, write a brief description placing at the beginning of the description a “full path” hyperlink to a related page on your website that contains related, more robust information that is relevant to the video.
  4. Using your targeted keywords, describe the video.
  5. Now add tags that are relevant to the video

Finally, the point of YouTube (and any other social media portal) is to gently nudge your friends, fans, followers, visitors back to your website, blog and IDX which form the foundation of your online marketing efforts. Hence the reason for offering the hyperlink to a related resource on your real estate website or blog.

2 Bonus Video Tips!

1. Always, always give your web address in your videos. You can even have your real estate marketing partner design a “slide” with all your contact info and position it at the beginning of the video and at the close of the video during the editing process.

2. You gain “authority” at YouTube if you will leave genuine comments on other videos. Plus, this helps the video gain more exposure as the comments typically validates with Google what the content of the video is all about. Remember the video with the baby biting Charlie’s finger? Take a look at the bazillion comments. Most tell something about the video. “The baby biting Charlie’s finger is sooo cute.” Now go leave comments at videos by members of your referral network.

How About Other YouTube Tips?

If you have a YouTube video tip, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

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