10 Awesome Real Estate Video Tips

I know this will come as a shocker, but video for real estate is a pretty hot commodity! With so many low-cost cameras (like the Flip) and video Flip Video Cameraediting tools available to agents and brokers, video can be easily integrated into most real estate blogs and website platforms. There are a couple of real estate brokers and mortgage brokers who really get video and know how to use it very effectively. I highly recommend everyone checkout:

The K.I.S.S. is Best!

You’ll notice they retain some of the raw, edginess to their videos but these guys have some technical post-editing chops too. The combination of excellent camera handling and post production work is really what sets them apart. You’ll notice they refrain from using weird pealing transitions. Why agents love those transitions that include hearts, stars and any other “goofy” transitions are beyond me. The point being, the pros  keep everything really simple.

Get a Grip!

Starting with camera handling (Ian places his camera on his dash of his car and Mike & Mike use a tripod for single position shots, and when panning. You’ll also notice they keep things real simple when making transitions from scene to scene. That’s why they have built a faithful following of viewers who will stick with their videos. If you will mimic what these pros do when it comes to your real estate videos, you will be a hit too.

Viewers Won’t Sit and Watch Your 30 Minute Real Estate Video!

Because we rely so  heavily on video in our real estate marketing efforts, agents often ask us what is the “sweet-spot” for the typical ADD afflicted site visitor of today? Our answer, videos need to be around 1-3 minutes in length. Remember, your viewer will appreciate it when you stick with simple transitions with the fade to gray transition.

Don’t be a Rip-Off Artist!

Another tip, avoid using music ripped from iTunes or any other source. Sites where you can purchase royalty-free music include:

When selecting a background song, select something you can use over and over again. The point being, it will become an element of your brand. Think of your song as your theme song. Keep it light and select a tune that would appeal to the masses.

Video Tips for Real Estate Marketing

  1. Before publishing anything for your audience practice, practice, practice. Once you have mastered the use of your camera, vlog often. It’s the only way to improve your video skill.
  2. Keep the length of your video very short (2-3 minutes max). Remember – viewers are afflicted with ADD possessing an incredible short attention span.
  3. Don’t pan around too quickly otherwise pass out barf bags.
  4. Don’t walk around taping as it tends to produce a bouncy image.
  5. When recording a property, give the potential buyer time to take in the essence of the property.
  6. Use the zoom sparingly. It’s one feature that gets old quickly and, if used too often, will have less and less impact on the viewer.
  7. If you’re showing something important, linger on the element. Make sure the viewers have ample time to take it in. We are talking mere seconds here.
  8. When in a stationary mode consider using a tripod. Even the steadiest hand has a tendency to wobble from time to time. Your viewers will thank you.
  9. Remove seasonal decor references from the property as it automatically dates the video.
  10. Skin your Flip! You may as well get some brand recognition from your camera while it’s shoved in someone’s face.

As I stated earlier, we recommend you mimic the pros. Check out the work of Mike Lefebvre, The Uncommon Agent (theuncommonagent.com), Mike Mueller (http://areweconnected.com/) and Ian Watt (ianwatt.ca).

Remember, when you  mimic their techniques, you are striving to keep things basic and simple. Observing these 10 tips will enhance the quality of your real estate videos. Have fun and be creative! You’ll quickly find video will help you standout in the crowd!

Until my next post,

Bobby Carroll@rewebcoach

Video by The Uncommon Agent – Mike Lefebrvre

19 thoughts on “10 Awesome Real Estate Video Tips

  1. Naoma-
    Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate that. I’d say between filming and editing there were probably 5-6 hours in that 3 minute video. The key is I ENJOY doing it, so 6 hours isn’t so bad. I also got some great help. The entire script was written by Erika Paul (the broker-owner you see in the video). She’s much better with words than I is. But the thing is, when we do another property video in Northborough, we have the town part already in the can. So each one gets a little easier. Bobby makes some great points in this article, with a nice strong emphasis on keeping it short and sweet. And I definitely need to check out those royalty-free websites before I get a call from Miles Davis’ people…

    Thanks again for the compliment, and remember the biggest hurdle to tackling video isn’t time or equipment, it’s sometimes just pushing ‘record’ and doing it!

    Good luck!

    All My Best,

  2. I think I do the opposite of some of those tips.

    I have longer videos. When I call clients about a topic I don’t talk for 2 minutes. Each post is like a call about a new trend. Saves me from making that call to dozens of people.

    As long as you got content… Keep talking.

    Also my camera isn’t too stable as it spins around on the steering wheel.Is that bad?

    Oh and you gotta recommend the samsung 24mm with pause. Wider=less vibrations. Pause=less or no edits!

    Frank LL0SA- broker

  3. Awesome work again guys and way to touch upon length. After shooting several home tour videos for one of my Realtor partners, I’m realizing 5 minutes might be a little long for a video tour of the home. But what do you think? I know not a platform for promotion, but any chance to get a quick review of some recently edited videos?

    This one we just finished shooting and rough edited (yep, saw the mispelling on Theater! LOL)
    Riverfront Executive Home Video Tour, Vancouver, Washington

    And another shot with a different feel (guided tour from yours truly)
    LaCamas Shores Golf Club Luxury Home

    I’m hoping they make an impact for the benefit of the sellers and give buyers a look into the home, making it worth a call to Terrie and see the homes or other luxury homes throughout Vancouver.

    Thanks again for great info and posts and I look forward to any comments and advice regarding our videos for our Realtor.

    Take care,

    Ed Bisquera
    Twitter @edbisquera

  4. I don’t know who Mike Lefebrve is but he seems like an agent who respects his business and truly does whatever it takes to help the seller get their home sold. This video is incredible and would offer alot of value to a home buyer, from the information it contains to the rapport it builds. I love it and will definitely be taking some notes. Thanks for sharing this Bobby.

  5. I don’t know much about how to make a video but after watching it I liked it and I agree that it should have taken a lot of time and hard work to make it.
    Thanks to its engineers

  6. “Viewers Won’t Sit and Watch Your 30 Minute Real Estate Video”
    Web surfers have incredibly short attention spans. Youtube doesn’t have a 10 minute limit for nothing! But I think 1-3 minutes is actually a little bit too long. I can’t find the source right now, but I’m sure I read somewhere that for best results clips had to be under a minute…

  7. Thanks for sharing your video. It’s awesome,it gives you a feel for the place and also information that will attract you to want to learn more.

  8. Websites with video have sight and sound working together to make the real estate listings come alive. The local community videos are even more important for the buyer not sure which zip code to land at. Show the flavor the area you list, market, serve has to make it special with real full motion video, not a slide show. Audio is 40% of the video too.

  9. Videos are becoming common in the real estate industry nowadays. It is often used already because they can indeed help with their marketing strategy. But before you deal with video marketing, make sure that you practice well. You need to have the right skill in taking your videos so that it will surely work.

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