ABD – CSS User Override

Admins and users with design module access can now add user-created css to their design*. This allows users of AgentBackdoor the ability to make css changes to their design. This override does not remove any of the CSS that was already there, so you can add or remove styles in this field as needed. Treat this field as a stylesheet. You can find this new field by clicking the design module icon, and then clicking edit on your active theme. This theme will have a star next to it, and is highlighted in blue.

Please note, that if you are a user of our IDX solution, but have your main website hosted elsewhere – you may also use this field to overwrite css code that may be interfering with your IDX solution. This is especially helpful if you don’t have direct access to your website’s stylesheet.

*This does not apply to specialty themes that come with special types of sites.