Blogs – Update to Hybrid theme (v. 3.1)

The hybrid blog theme has been updated to include the Pintrest “Pin it” button.  In addition to this button, you also have the option of displaying the button for the 4 social media websites in three different ways:

  • Horizontal, as it is now with the count on the right
  • Horizontal, with no count
  • Vertical, with the count on top
  • Or, you  also have the option of turning them all off at once if you’d like to use a plugin instead.
As before, you can also turn off each button individually. You can customize your theme by going to the Theme Options link under Appearance in your blog admin panel.

In order to accomodate the addition of a new social networking button, we moved the comment link to the left hand side – which should enable visitors to find where to comment much easier. We also moved the “Continue Reading” link, if applicable to the post, to follow the excerpt on each post.

The individual post design was also updated to account for the new social media changes above.

If you are unsure of what theme you’re using, just go to your Themes page. The current version (as of this posting) is “Hybrid 3.1.” Stand alone blogs (those that are not using a wrapper) that are built on this theme are indicated by “HCld” in the title. These changes only apply to these themes.