New AgentBackdoor Toolbar Launched – Editing Your Website has Never Been Easier!

Dakno AgentBackdoor Toolbar for Real Estate AgentsGoogle announced yesterday that they have updated their algorithm to put more emphasis on fresh content. In other words, if updated, original content wasn’t a priority before, it better be now. The good news is that, as of today, Dakno is making it even easier than ever to keep your site up-to-date with fresh content.

We are excited to announce a beta release of our new AgentBackdoor Toolbar. This toolbar gives you easy access to edit and update content directly from the front end of your website. Simply go to a page of your website and click the “Edit this page” button on the toolbar. From here you will be taken to your content editor. It’s as simple as that.

There’s nothing to install on your computer. To enable the toolbar, simply login to your AgentBackdoor Control Panel and then visit your website.


Will other visitors be able to see this toolbar?

No. Only you and your other site admins can see this toolbar. Everyone else will see your standard website without the toolbar.

Wow, this makes it so much easier to edit content. What else can the toolbar do?

This is just the beta release of the toolbar. We have big plans for it including the ability to give you real time feedback on how well your pages are optimized, easy integration with our DaknoIDX product and the ability to give you up-to-date server status and announcements. Stay tuned for new releases and updates.


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