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5 Dakno Admin Tools You Should Be Utilizing

You have to love fall for the cooler weather, beautiful foliage, and delicious treats. But do you know what I love most about this time of year? My clients finally have time to focus on their marketing!

In talking to my clients, I’m surprised by how many don’t realize what an impressive and comprehensive system they have. Dakno Admin offers many tools that are tightly integrated with your website to provide you automation, organization, and information about your leads all in one place.

Here are some often-overlooked tools that you should start using right away.

Lead Statuses

Dakno CRM with Lead LogicLead Statuses help you to quickly and easily categorize new leads and incubate and follow up with existing leads.

Here’s how to implement this into your workflow: When a new lead comes into your database they will automatically be given the status of New. Next, you’ll go into Dakno Admin to assign the lead, update their status to Qualify and reach out to them. Once you’ve gotten a chance to talk to the lead you can determine the most applicable status for the lead: Monitor, Encourage, Pursue, Junk, or No Follow Up.

The coolest feature of the lead status system is the “lead logic.” Your system will keep an eye on your leads for you and alert you when they start behaving like a hot lead!

Passive Visit

Dakno Admin CRM with Website IntegrationBecause your CRM is directly connected to your real estate website, we can collect user data that you can’t get anywhere else. Your contact list has four columns of lead data. You can see the last time an agent updated the contact, the last time a contact saved a property, the last time a contact was on your site, and when the contact was first created. Can other CRMs do that? I don’t think so!

The column I want you to check out is Passive visit. First, sort your leads by passive visit to see who was on your site most recently, then compare that with the created column. That “cold lead” from 6 months ago was just on your site today? That’s so weird, you were just thinking about them, right? (Wink wink, nudge nudge.) Give them a call!

Contact Reminders

Contact Reminders help you easily stay on top of your leads. All you need to do is determine what criteria will trigger the reminder: time since the contact was modified, contacts tagged with, contacts not tagged with, contacts that have not been assigned, or contacts with a specific lead status.

Once these are setup, you will receive and email at the beginning of each day with those contacts that need to be followed up with. With Contact Reminders you can set it and not forget it!

Property Organizer

Dakno IDX Property OrganizerThe Property Organizer is a great home search tool for your leads, but it’s also a great lead incubation tool for you. Since your Dakno IDX solution is integrated with your website, you can see which searches and which properties the lead looked at.

You can even log in as the lead to save a search on their behalf. By doing so, you are signing them up to receive email alerts whenever new properties fitting that criteria become available. This helps encourage leads to come back to your site and to contact you when they find a property they love.

Email Marketing

Speaking of encouraging leads to return to your site, did you know that your Dakno Admin comes with an email marketing tool built in? There’s no need to export your leads to a third party like LetterMonkey or whatever it’s called. 😉

You can easily create email blasts and email drip campaigns to send to your leads right from Dakno Admin. You can even assign a specific email campaign to a particular form on your site so that whoever completes that form will automatically be put on that campaign.

Fall in Love with Dakno Admin

Now that the market and the weather is cooling down, it’s the perfect time to explore these often-overlooked Dakno Admin tools and incorporate them into your workflow. If you need any help, just call us at (919) 877-8511.

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