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Are you ready to take your real estate blogging efforts to new heights? Brad and I would like to say thanks to Hoboken Condo Specialist Walter Burns for his blog checklist. We did spice up Real Estate Blogging Checklisthis checklist a smidgen. We suggest you print this out, and have it at your side as you begin to write your next post. If you will pay close attention to these details you will see the payoff in the search rankings of your blog!

  • Outline your blog post first
  • Always strive to add geographical reference in your post headline
  • Permalink-3 short descriptive words – Make it keyword rich
  • Anchor Text / Deep linking to your internal pages on your website
  • Title Tag  – keyword rich. Ensure it is different than post title and permalink
  • Add tags (area, zipcode, etc)
  • Add categories (but not too many-8-10 max)
  • Add keyword-rich sub headlines – H3
  • Add a photo – add alt text
  • Add the “Read More” tag
  • Ensure the blog post is scanner friendly
  • Conclude with a call to action for comment generation

An Anatomy of a Real Estate Blog Post

Anatomy of a Real Estate Blog Post

What Other Components Would You Add?

I look forward to your comments!

Happy blogging!

7 thoughts on “Real Estate Blogging Checklist

  1. Great advice, Bobby! Thanks to Walter for sharing. I know I’ve been guilty on overlooking a few of these essentials. This is definitely going to be printed out and kept close at hand. Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Hi Stacie – Brad and I appreciate you taking valuable time out of your day to come read and comment on this post. The Google Juice lies in the details of blogging. We are hopeful more real estate professionals will take advantage of this checklist allowing them to make the most out of their blogging efforts.

  3. I think the one thing I would add to what is a really good list, is a call to action, or “click me, click me” in the meta description. Just yesterday I started making our meta descriptions a call to action. I’ve started with our static pages and will be doing the same on our blog pages. For instance, on one of our static pages our meta description was, ‘Pasco Wa Real Estate and Pasco Washington Homes For Sale ~ Overview of Pasco Real Estate’ It is now, ‘Search 1000s of Pasco Wa Homes For Sale, Listings, MLS, and Real Estate. Or Call Colleen Lane, a Pasco Washington Realtor® Broker at 509.438.9344’

  4. Joe – Thanks for the comment. The last bullet in the checklist is for a call to action. It could be a call to action to use a web site/blog tool, read a related post, or leave a comment.

    As you correctly state, meta descriptions should be conversational in nature.

  5. Great stuff, Bobby. I have been making the mistake of having the permalink the same as the title post (and it’s usually more than 3 words). Now I know better. Incredibly helpful post which I will print out and keep around.

  6. I think you may need to remind folks about this post now that Google has gone to the “instant” search results. Having a strategy to focus down to one real estate specific keyword may be the next leg here… because the results may stop people from typing in what they were planning to type.

    It is hard not to just click on what they have derived (or contrived)from your first 5 keystrokes!

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