Create a Targeted Page For Your Twitter Followers!

It’s amazing the simple things we learn when we go to real estate bar camps. I learn something new every time I attend a REBC. One cool idea I overheard at the recent Charlotte Real Estate Bar Camp hit me like a ton of bricks and it was so simple… are you ready for this? Create a targeted page on your website, designed and written just for your new (and existing) Twitter followers. Piece of cake!

Tips to Creating a Twitter Welcome PageTwitter Profile Tip

Once you create your “Welcome” page on your site, then make sure you “copy and paste” that link using a tracking URL shortener in your Twitter profile. The URL shortener allows you to see how often the Twitter profile link is clicked plus you can track the inbound traffic to your site using Google Analytics. By the way, the copy and paste URL tip helps you avoid uploading a bad link. 🙂

Here are few more suggested core ingredients in your Twitter welcome page:

  1. Offer a little more about you but avoid sharing too much about your services
  2. Share what you are passionate about… horses, tennis, wine tasting, scrape-booking… something beyond real estate.
  3. Tell your followers what they can expect in your Tweets. It’s all about catering to their needs

By the way, if you can create a page on your website or blog for your Twitter welcome page, you can knock this task out in a jiffy! Dakno clients with their Agent Backdoor site editor will find this is so easy! On the other hand, if you can’t create a page on your website we all have pity on your poor soul!

Why Create a Targeted Page Geared for Your Twitter Followers?

When it comes to social media, the goal is to connect with your target audience. Once you have accomplished that, you will want to encourage your new friends and followers to leave your Twitter profile page and find their way over to your online hub – your website and your blog. Once your new friend clicks on your Twitter profile link they are on “your turf”. Warning! You must resist the urge to pull out the hard sale when they arrive. This is your opportunity to reveal a little more about yourself on your welcome page and then share what’s in it for your new follower to listen to you.

At the conclusion of your welcome page, that would be an appropriate time to subtly offer your services by offering your blog link, your search link and your market reports. Just do it in a low pressure manner.

Take a Peek at My Twitter Welcome Page

Take a look at my Twitter page on our Dakno site and then come back tell me how to improve mine by leaving a comment! We love comments!

Have a great day!

P.S. This strategy also works for other social media sites where you invite friends and new followers to visit your “online hub”.

5 thoughts on “Create a Targeted Page For Your Twitter Followers!

  1. Great info, Bobby. The thought had not crossed my mind. Making a targeted landing page specifically made for the visitors from that specific source (i.e. twitter)? So simple, yet so easy to overlook. Will do.

  2. To be honest Alex, It hadn’t crossed my mind either until I heard the tip mentioned at a recent real estate bar camp I attended. And you are correct. Creating a targeted page just for that audience is so easy to do. I’m already finding it helps me connect on a deeper level with new friends.

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