Real Estate Marketing Components – Are You Dazed and Confused!

Go to any real estate conference, attend your local real estate bar camp, or participate in a Facebook group discussion and you’ll come away dazed and confused at the sheer number of  shiny marketing tools agents talk about and consider. It can all be so overwhelming.

No doubt, you’ve heard/been told YOU MUST integrate and utilize these marketing components in your business:

  • Websites and WordPress Blogsreal-estate-marketing-decisions
  • Email Marketing Systems
  • Lead Management Systems
  • Lead Incubation Systems
  • Followup Reminder Systems
  • IDX
  • PPC
  • Niche Lead Generation
  • Content Creation

Technology Shouldn’t Make Your Life More Complicated!

The reality is most agents piecemeal some or all these together. The more independent tools you add, the more chaos you create. That will mean 8 different login credentials to access 8 different platforms and the chances these will “talk” to one another will be “iffy” at best.

What If?

My question is this: what if managing your online marketing were much simpler? What if there were a far more cost-effective solution? One that offered all of these must have components under one umbrella.

You’re probably thinking – here comes the pitch! To know Dakno is to know it’s not about the pitch. It’s about empowerment. It’s about sharing information you can use to impact your business!

Have I Got Your Interest Piqued?

If so, why not join us for our Google Hangout on Tuesday, April 22nd at 3:00pm EST. During this Hangout you will learn about these tools and how agents are effectively leveraging them to help grow their business. And we promise, you will not hear a pitch. That’s not how we roll!

Let us know you will be joining the Google Hangout here!

We will see you this Tuesday at 3PM EDT!


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