More Delicious Dakno Admin Updates!

The team here at Dakno continues to make tweaks and updates to the Dakno Admin. These enhancements are all in the interest of helping deliver more value to you, our loyal Dakno clients. Listed below are several new updates you’ll want to be familiar with the next time you log in to your Dakno website Admin.

Who Moved the Cheese Save Button?

As of today, the save button has been moved to the top bar in your Admin.

  • The save button will indicate when the page is “dirty” (when any change has been made). The save button will change in both icon and color.
  • The save button is visible at all times.
  • You will no longer have to scroll to the bottom if you only need to make changes on the top of a long page (like property)
The save button is now on the top and will indicate when you need to save

The save button is now on the top and will indicate when you need to save

You Can Now Import Contacts via CSV

If you ever want to move a group of contacts from one platform to your Dakno Admin, you can now export contacts from another system. Just go to the click the Import CSV (on the bar).

Press this to import contacts

Press this to import contacts


Upload your CSV

Upload your CSV

Match up your fields with ours

Uploading Your CSV File is Super Easy!

Below are the steps to upload your CSV file of contacts:

  1. Prepare your file if it’s not a CSV yet. May programs allow you to export the content into a CSV.
  2. Press “Choose File” and navigate to where your CSV was saved.
  3. Press “Upload”

Prep Data After Upload

Your data will be presented to you in two columns. The first column is our contact fields with dropdowns, and the second column is examples of your data.

  1. For each item in the right column, select the corresponding Contact Field on the left side.
    • *If you have a header row some may automatically be selected
  2. Navigate through a few contacts to make sure your data is good.
  3. If you have a header row, be sure to check the box When importing, ignore the first row or you’ll end up with a contact with your header row information.
  4. Select Import to import your contacts. They will appear in your contact list with a tag of the date they were imported to easily select them. You can remove this tag.

Creating Contact Reminders

Another terrific Admin enhancement we added is the ability to help you manage your Dakno Admin contacts! As you know, when it comes to lead conversion, it all about how you manage and engage with those home buying and selling consumers who submit a form or ask a question on your Dakno website.

This cool new feature called “Contact Reminders” can be used to help you manage your contacts by sending out email notifications to yourself and/or your team members based on specific filters.

Steps To Accessing Your Contact Reminders

Below are the easy to follow steps to accessing your Contact Reminders:

  1. Log into your Dakno Admin account
  2. Under Interaction > Contacts & forms, select Contact Reminders.
  3. Here you’ll be able to manage your current reminders and add more

How To Add a Contact Reminder

These easy steps will help you add follow up contact reminders to your data base:

  • Click the Add button in the upper right on the dark gray bar.
  • Select any combination of the three criteria
    • Hours Since Modified – allows for integer values such as 5, 36, 48
    • Tagged With – select any of your current tags
    • Is not assigned – checks to see if a contact has been assigned, and if not will trigger an email
  • Set your notification settings
    • Select your recipient(s) – press “+” to add each one. Selecting “Assigned User” will notify the user that the contact is assigned to.
    • Add a subject and body – clicking the help icon at the top right will show you the optional variables you can add if you want to tailor your notification to reflect the contact that needs attention.
  • Once you’re ready to have a reminder start running, click the button at the top to turn it on.

Why All These New Admin Updates?

Great question! Our clients have been sharing how great it would be if they could use their Dakno website Admin to be the centralized online client incubation system. With these recent enhancements, you can now make that a reality.

Instead of running from platform to platform, now you can use your Dakno website Admin to the that one-stop solution for lead management and lead incubation.

Want More Enhancements?

If so, please leave a comment and share your ideas to improve your Dakno Admin. We would love to hear your feedback!

Until our next post,

P.S. Stay tuned! We will be offering a Google Hangout on April 22 at 3PM to cover all the recent enhancements to your Dakno Admin. More details will be forth coming!

2 thoughts on “More Delicious Dakno Admin Updates!

  1. We are excited to see this change in the system and hope it will streamline our lead management. When we attempted to import leads, the area code, prefix and suffix for the telephone number does not align with DAKNO, so we have not made the import. If you find a fix on that, will you please let us know and we will begin to work on importing ours to the system. It would be great if IDX would sync with DAKNO (without the pain of migrating to platinum 🙂

    Thanks for offering this exciting new feature!

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