Dakno Admin 3.0, Dakno IDX 3.0

adminscreenWe’ve been hard at work the last several months on a major update to our admin panels. This update includes major changes, such as the redesign, as well as many enhancements.

The changes we’ve made are listed below. We’ve also put together a sneak peek with a few screenshots.

Notable Dakno Admin 3.0 Changes

General Updates

  • AgentBackDoor is now called Dakno Admin.
  • The admin panel has been completely redesigned making it much easier to use.
  • The menu is now on the left-hand side and is accessible no matter where you are in the admin panel.
  • The admin panel will adjust to your browser width – to a minimum of 515px.
  • Several pages have mobile specific versions. We will continue to add mobile specific pages as time goes on.
  • We have greatly expanded the tips and help guides via the help icon in the upper right-hand side of the page. Simply click the green “lifesaver” icon to get more information about key aspects of the current page you are on.
  • We’ve reordered fields within pages so they’re grouped better.
  • You can now access most of our shortcodes via the WYSIWYG editor if they can be used within that page.
  • The WYSIWYG editor is now resizable via the bottom right corner if you’d like more room to type and don’t want to use the full screen option.
  • There’s a button to hide the menu at the top of the page, this will allow you to have a wider space to work in if desired.
  • The menu module has been reorganized and is now easier to use.
  • We’ve added a site links page. This will show the standard, site generated, pages that come with your website and are directly connected to the modules you have available.
  • The plugins module has been redesigned, and is now easier to use.
  • Many of the list pages now offer filtering and sorting. Filters and sorts are dependent on the module.
  • List pages now offer multi-delete functionality.
  • Content pages can now be deleted.
  • The error and warning messages within modules where you set a page URL have been updated to be more informative. It now shows warnings when they occur, and gives tips on how to correct them.
  • The page URL is shown directly beneath the input field as you type in your desired address in relevant modules.
  • Support links have been added and will link you directly to the appropriate support system with some relevant information.
  • The redirect page has been updated and should be easier to understand.
  • Visitors filling out forms with a “+” in their email address will no longer receive an error.


  • We’ve redesigned the DakBar. It is now dark gray and on the top of your website when logged in. It will automatically push down the website to accomodate it.
  • The DakBar has been integrated into the admin panel. It will show module specific buttons and offers a preview button for modules that create pages on the front side.

Staff Module

  • You now have the ability to select the size of the social media icons when using the staff or social shortcodes. The options are 16, 24, 32, 48, and 64. These can be integrated anywhere within the content of your site, as well as within your design. The staff pages will still show the 16 pixel size.
  • If you’ve added Google Plus to your staff page it will automatically have the rel=”author” tag.

Design Module

  • You can edit your active design directly via the menu.
  • The active design has been placed on the top of your design list so if you have many designs, you can find it easier.
  • Designs also indicate if they are currently active while you’re working on it in the top right corner.
  • The color picker, if applicable to your design, will be hidden unless you’re currently on a color field. This allows  more space for editing.
  • The design list page has been redesigned to be a bit more intuitive.
  • On the design edit page you now have an option to allow deletion. This box, when checked, will show the delete icon on the design list.

Contacts Module (New!)

  • Contacts is a new module. This enhances and replaces much of the functionality of the former “Leads” module
  • The leads module has been renamed “Form Submissions”.
  • Any forms submitted by a single contact will appear within their Contact. Notes, assignment, and status have been moved to Contacts.
  • Forms can no longer be edited directly, assigned to a user, or given a status. This is done via the contacts module.


  • You can now use passwords with special characters.
  • We have removed the ability to edit users that are not yourself. This is due to the potential for a user to be a user on several websites, and this helps prevent them being locked out of other websites. If you no longer want a user to access your website, you may delete their username from your user list. This will not delete their user, it will simply remove their access to your website.
  • You can edit your User’s display name. This will be used on pages like the Contact notes feature as well as User assignments for properties.

Neighborhood, Condo, & Area Modules

  • Areas that have neighborhoods & condos attached to them, and neighborhoods or condos that have properties attached to them no longer require you to remove the connection before deleting them. Deleting any of these items will automatically break the relevant connections for you.
  • Logic has been added to the min and max price, and min and max square feet on the Neighborhood and Condo modules. If a “0” is entered an appropriate phrase will show in place of $0 or 0 sqft.
  • Properties marked as “Pending (Show)” will now have a status of “Under Contract” shown in their overview.

DaknoIDX Updates

  • The DaknoIDX admin panel has been given a complete redesign and matches DaknoAdmin.
  • The forced registration page has a better indicator of if it is enabled or disabled.
  • Many pages have had help information added.
  • A general info page has been added that provides all your search links, quick search builders, featured property viewers (except saved search featured property viewers).
  • The featured property viewer code has been added to each site search page so you can copy and paste the code wherever needed. Searches saved within the property organizer will still need to have their viewers built manually.