Updates and Enhancements for Week of April 29th

This week has been a busy week in terms of updates and enhancements. As you probably know, we recently launched our totally redesigned DaknoAdmin and DaknoIDX Control Panel. Thanks to everyone who has given us such great feedback on the new version!

But we also wanted to share with you a few other items we have been working on to make Dakno SwiftSites and SwiftBlogs perform even better!

Leveraging Even More of the Cloud

We recently rolled out an update where images, css files and JavaScript files all now being served from a CDN. Basically this means that instead of serving up lots of images from a single server, those images are stored across many high performance servers throughout the world. When someone visits your site, the files to load your site will come from the closest server to them thus greatly decreasing load times.

Database Tuning

We’ve made some tweaks to our database to minimize the amount of overhead on our database servers. This helps to ensure better reliability and performance.

Blog Plugin Updates

We haven’t forgotten about our blog clients either. We’ve just finished updating our blog plugins and checking compatibility to ensure the WordPress Blogs continue to run smoothly and securely.

As we roll out new updates and features, we will continue to let you know. And as always, if you have any questions, just let us know.