Dakno Admin – IDX Broker Platinum Integration

In a perfect a world, it would be so much easier to have all your web leads in one admin panel. With IDX Broker’s rollout of their Platinum version you now have the ability to sync your IDX Broker Platinum leads into your Dakno Admin. That way leads management will be much simpler.

You can import (future and current) IDX Broker Platinum leads into the contacts module of your Dakno Admin by adding your IDX Broker Platinum API Key to your Dakno Admin Settings page. The steps are outlined in our documentation. Our system will check your IDX Broker Platinum leads periodically, so there may be a little lag time between when you receive notification of a lead and it appearing in your Contacts Module in your Admin.

The ultimate benefit of this new feature allows Dakno clients to have one centralized location where you can manage all your leads. We believe this new functionality will help save you time, and offer peace of mind knowing all your leads are in one location.



*Please note, this feature is not available if you use IDX Broker Original.