What’s New In Dakno 4.0

If you’ve been on DaknoAdmin within the last few weeks, you might have seen a “What’s New” window when you logged in. That’s because we’ve just released Dakno 4.0, and we’re incredibly excited about this new update!

Dakno 4.0 new features description

What’s New in DaknoAdmin

There are a couple of new features that we’ve added to DaknoAdmin, like lead statuses and full email marketing campaigns for buyers and sellers, but these new features also mean changes to Contact Reminders, lead followups, and a lot more.

We’re going to go over some of the changes briefly with you today.

Dakno Lead Logic System: Statuses for Better Follow-Up

One of the greatest things about the Dakno 4.0 update is that now our system is smart enough to monitor your leads for you by status.

Before, you’d have to go in and make sure your leads had tags to accompany contact reminders. Now, we have all these new lead statuses rather than tags:

  • New: A fresh, new lead that just came in and you’ve never seen before. This person has filled out a form or interacted on your site. Fresh leads are automatically assigned as “new.”
  • Qualify: You’ve assigned the new leads to yourself or another agent on your team, so you’ll change the person’s lead status to “qualify.”
  • Pursue: Someone has saved a property, done a property organizer, or filled out another form that tells you they’re hot and ready to go.
  • Encourage: This person is not quite ready yet, and needs a little push. This “B” lead wants to, say, buy a house, but needs a little encouragement and resources.
  • Monitor: They’re not ready, but you want to keep them in the system and monitor their activity on your site. This person was formerly tagged as a “C” or “D” lead.
  • Converted: This is someone who is currently your client or has been your client for a while. This status is a way to let you know that you’re converting leads.
  • Junk: These are leads you’re not sure about. Maybe they’ve left a fake name or a fake phone number, but this status lets you keep them in your system without following up with them.
  • No Follow Up: This is a lead you’ve decided that doesn’t need to be followed up with, like a job inquiry.

This will help you know the status of your leads at all times, and when a lead status changes, you don’t have to go back and delete your statuses like you would have deleted tags; our system automatically updates it for you.

So what about tags? We recommend just using tags for categorization, like “buyer” and “seller.” Think of tags as your new organizing tool for your database — like your personal sticky notes!

Stay Tuned for Dakno 4.0 Resources

We’re so excited for this new update and can’t wait to let you know about all the new features for following up with your leads.

We’ll be covering changes to email marketing, and specifically how to assign full email marketing campaigns to your forms, in the coming weeks and in our upcoming DaknoAdmin training seminars, so stay tuned!

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