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Organization Tips for your Marketing Strategy

Congratulations on a successful year in 2015! With this new year comes opportunities to grow your business, increase revenue, and improve upon your marketing strategy. Don’t let the clutter of the past year get in the way of achieving your marketing goals. Use these simple organization tips to help you start off right in 2016.

1. Clean Up your Inbox

The constant barrage of emails can be overwhelming and important emails get lost amongst the mess. The Organize your email marketing with Dakno Marketingfirst step in cleaning up your email inbox is getting rid of unwanted emails. Don’t just send them to spam, take a moment unsubscribe from any email list you no longer want to receive emails from. Less emails means less stress. Speaking of spam, check your spam folder to make sure that important emails aren’t being sorted there by mistake. Don’t risk losing a lead!

Once your inbox has been cleaned up, it’s time to organize. Gmail, for example, offers a number of helpful features like folders and filters. Creating folders, like Clients, Leads, Marketing, etc., not only helps to organize your emails but it also helps reduce your inbox. You can also activate filters, which automatically send specified emails to their appropriate folder.

2. Organize Data in DaknoAdmin

Our lead management system is a useful and intuitive tool but it’s only as good as the data you provide. Spend some time going through your contact list to add appropriate tags, assign agents, assign statuses, and set up contact reminders so that DaknoAdmin can work best for you. Better lead incubation means more conversions.

3. Consolidate your Marketing Efforts

Do you have one company for online advertising, another for print, and another for coaching? If you are spreading your marketing efforts among several different companies, you’re probably spending too much money and receiving an inconsistent brand in return.

Did you know that Dakno Marketing does a lot more than just manage your website? We can also design your business cards and postcards, manage your Google Adwords, host your email marketing, and more! Talk to your Marketing Specialist about how we can help with your marketing needs.

Social Media Marketing Management Dakno Marketing4. Use a Social Media Management Tool

By now, I’m sure you understand the importance of social media marketing. However, with so many different social networks, building a strong online presence can feel like an overwhelming feat. Social media management tools can help you maintain all of your accounts in one place. Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to post to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ from one dashboard. You can even schedule posts for the future.

5. Use an RSS Reader App to Stay Up-to-Date

RSS reader apps let you subscribe to content from all of your favorite online publications in one place. Our favorite is Feedly. Feedly has categories you can choose from, i.e. real estate, and marketing, to help you find new sites and additional relevant content. This app also allows you to save articles to read later. Hint: relevant articles make great social media posts!

6. Schedule Calls with your Marketing Specialist

If you are having trouble finding the time to work on your marketing strategy, set up scheduled calls with your Marketing Specialist. Having recurring calls each month will eliminate the back and forth of emails (see #1 above) and motivate you to dedicate time to your marketing effort.

Make your Marketing Strategy a Priority this Year

As your marketing partner, we care about your success. Let us help you achieve your goals and get the most out of your marketing strategy. We are always happy to offer our advice and services. Reach out to your Marketing Specialist for more great tips like these.

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