When Your Real Estate Blog Gains National Exposure

It’s something every real estate blogger dreams of, getting national exposure from the media. If it should happen to you have you considered what you would do with all that new found attention? And should you be even more fortunate to get some “link love” from the media, now that now that would be the ticket. It doesn’t happen often for most agents, but when it does don’t be caught off guard without a plan. That’s the subject of this post.

Dakno Client & Blogging BootCamp Graduate Strikes Gold

For most real estate professionals, a simple quote in the local newspaper or a link from a peer’s website or blog is enough to make most do “the dance of joy”. For recent Dakno Blogging BootCamp student and Phoenix Waterfront Property Pro Gordon Baker, his experience was far more impressive. Several weeks ago, Gordon was emailed by Shannon Petrie. Ms. Petrie is the Assistant Editor for FrontDoor.com.

The Combined Power of a Real Estate Blog and a Website

As Baker tells it, Ms. Petrie had Googled the keywordsPhoenix waterfront properties” and found Baker’s website (page 1) and his relatively new (3 months old) Dakno-built SwiftBlog (page 4) at the top of the search engines. Ms. Petrie asked Gordon if he could provide a waterfront client to be interviewed for an upcoming special feature on buying waterfront properties. Plus Ms. Petrie also interviewed Gordon for the Frontdoor.com article as well.

What to do Next?

Gordon called me all excited upon receiving the news and told me his story. Because a similar situation had just recently happened to our Cary real estate client. I explained to Gordon he should follow what we recommended to Lenda Goulding. Cary Area Real Estate Blogger Goulding had one of her client’s interviewed by SMARTMONEY Magazine. I told Gordon the blueprint to optimize this opportunity had already been designed. So here is what I recommend he do.

  1. Naturally – write a post at his Chandler waterfront property blog first and share his story
  2. In his waterfront blog post, I recommended Gordon link to the testimonial page of the testimony from his “quoted” client
  3. Then I told Gordon he should use the SEO-power of Active Rain and write what we call a “teaser” post at AR linking it to his Phoenix waterfront blog. Within his AR post, I advised Gordon to “deep link” from his AR post to his website and to his blog
  4. Notice all this linking is in a one-way fashion, not in a reciprocal manner
  5. If you have a real estate marketing partner, maybe they will help share your success story for you to give you even more link “bang” for your buck 🙂

What More Would You Do?

I tossed this question around to our team and there are couple of more ideas we had. What other strategies would you recommend to make the most of an opportunity like this?

Until next post,


P.S. Congratulations to Blogging BootCamp star pupil Gordon Baker. May you experience many more special moments like this! FYI – When you write these posts be sure to come back and let us know.

2 thoughts on “When Your Real Estate Blog Gains National Exposure

  1. My blog got mentioned 4 weeks ago in the Biggest newspaper in this country and the number of hits shot through the roof and opportunities come from all over.
    But I really didn’t know at the time how to channel the focus of attention for my benefit. If I had read this post sooner I might have done better.

    Good information thanks.


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