How to Use Social Media Tools in Real Estate Marketing?

This is a commonly asked question among real estate agents and brokerages. Social media sites are great tools to grow your SOI (sphere of influence), to connect, show value, and get to know others in your community. Notice I never mentioned offering your services. Be guilty of that and you’ll develop a less than favorable reputation in the community. You’ll be marked with the scarlet “S” as a “spammer”! Unfortunately, it’s happening all too often-asking for business on social media sites.

Welcome to the Big Cocktail Party Called Social Media!

Social networking sites are akin to a big cocktail party. So how often would you approach someone at a “live” social gathering and shove a business card in a total stranger’s face and say, “are you in the market to buy or sell a home?” Of course that’s pretty stupid (oops, mom told me to never use that word-but!) Like I said, it’s happening way too often. How about striking up a conversation and get to know the other person. Learn what you have in common. Now that’s connecting – getting social! Some of us call that YEO (a Turnerism meaning “You Engaging Others”).

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Bobby Carroll – @rewebcoach

3 thoughts on “How to Use Social Media Tools in Real Estate Marketing?

  1. Social media sites are a great tool when used correctly. They can be a great way of staying in touch with a large group all at once. The days of using a phone call to stay in touch have long passed, you you just need to tweet.

  2. Social Network sites plays a good role in advertising. In this busy world, very few person wants to travel through agents. if people get everything handy, that works fast. here the social Network sites play. If advertise in social media sites, you are engaging other to see and response. the agents will get the response promptly.

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