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Missing Ingredients: Highly Effective Communication

Just a little over a week ago, during one of our highly informative and very enjoyable staff meetings, our team reviewed the process of active listening, one of the most significant, and often overlooked, concepts in regards to highly effective communication.

Think From Your Audience’s Point of View

people in a cityUpon listening and gaining clarity of your target audience, you can begin to align your unique brand personality to communicate the proper message via any medium.

Consider the message your real estate website communicates. Or those mailers you distributed a few months ago. What did these forms of communication relay to your audience?

Okay, wait…let’s review the first objective. Initially, a best practice you must conquer is the task of tuning in to your audience to evaluate their interests and behaviors. (Fun Fact: Google Analytics Data and creating Facebook Ad Campaigns can be great resources to discover who your target audiences may, or may not, include.) Once you’ve funneled in and learned more about your audience, you are ready to convey your message.

Compelling Leads to Take Action on Your Website

So, I’m sure you’re wondering, “How can I be certain that my unique messaging captivates and persuasively encourages buyers and sellers to take action?”

Well, get ready to become familiarized with what’s known as the 7 C’s of Communication!

Each C combines to act as a checklist that aids in the productivity of your message.

While these concepts individually appear simple, combined, these ideas will ensure that YOUR message, in any form, is spot on. So let’s jump right in!

two people communicatingThe 7 C’s of Communication

  1. Clear – When presenting your message, through your design as well as content, be clear about your goal. Be sure to provide clarity by omitting topics attached to assumptions.
  2. Concise – Be brief and get to the point. Relay your message with as few unnecessary details as possible.
  3. Concrete – Provide your audience with complete facts and details. When communicating concrete information, your message is solid and laser-focused on the main idea.
  4. Correct – All audiences appreciate and deserve to receive factual, valid information. This includes grammatically error-free messaging.
  5. Coherent – Ensure the message you’re communicating is logical and relevant to the main topic, tone and context.
  6. Complete – Your audience should feel informed and equipped with all the information necessary to take action.
  7. Courteous – Friendly, open, and honest communication should serve as the foundation of the tone used to interact with your audience. Refrain from using passive-aggressive tones, and always keep your audience’s viewpoint in mind.

Ready to Take Your Real Estate Website to the Next Level?

We would love to talk with you about your real estate business and how to convey the right message to your audience. Call us at (919) 877-8511.

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