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December Mastermind Sneak Peek — New Year, New You!

The New Year is the perfect time to reinvent yourself, whether you want to lose weight, save money, or learn a new hobby. (For the record, we like you just the way you are!) While you’re deciding on your New Year’s resolutions, we have a suggestion for you — find your voice!

Last month, at the Internet Summit here in Raleigh, I was lucky to attend a keynote by famed author and content marketer Ann Handley. Her presentation about the importance of tone of voice in content was so inspiring I wanted to share the message with you in this month’s Mastermind.

Who Are You? Who, Who, Who, Who?

In last month’s Mastermind we talked about finding your focus, or finding the niche that would set you apart from your competition. This month, we’re going to push your existential crisis a little further. Now that you know what to say, New Year New Voice Dakno Marketing Mastermingit’s time to decide how to say it. That’s what tone of voice is: How you say what you say.

Try this test: Cover all of your branding on your website and just read the copy. Does it sound like you? Or, does it sound like every other real estate agent?

The tone of voice you use in your marketing lets potential leads know who you are, why you do what you do, and what you’re like to work with. Are you serious or silly? Casual or formal? Outgoing or soft-spoken? For example, if I were to leave my name off of this post you would probably still know that I wrote it because my tone of voice tends to be candid, casual, and cheeky 😉 .

Use That Tone With Me

Once you’ve found your voice, use it! Not only does your tone show who you are, it attracts the kind of clients you’d like to work with. If you can present educational content in engaging ways, your users will be better informed and more enjoyable to work with.

Your tone of voice should extend well past the content pages on your site. Everything your leads read needs to be in your voice: emails, texts, thank-you notes, social media posts, etc. Always keep your tone consistent and true to yourself. (And if you need help, we’re just a call away!)

Want to Improve Your Marketing This New Year?

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