It’s Time to Start Taking Facebook Seriously!

Okay, Real Estate Agents, it’s officially time to start taking Facebook seriously.

Facebook isn’t Killing SEO but…

Copyblogger wrote a great blog post that essentially said that Facebook would eliminate the need for Search Engine Optimization. While I don’t facebookthink that everyone is going to wake up tomorrow and decide to never use Google again, I do think Facebook will continue to be a source of more and more traffic. Even now, some sites are beginning to see more traffic from Facebook than Google (Evite and are two perfect examples). Even the Dakno real estate web design web site generates almost 1/2 of it’s traffic from Social Media

This Should Scare the Crap Out Of You

Don’t think Facebook is about business? Think about this just for a moment. Let’s compare Facebook and Google from a real estate marketing standpoint. In Google’s eyes, you’re just a number (an IP address), Sure, they may know your search habits and your favorite sites but that’s about it. From a marketing standpoint, they don’t have that much info about you. But now think about Facebook. What’s on your Facebook profile?

  1. Your birthday
  2. Your name (which is huge since everyone online want’s to operate under a veil of anonymity)
  3. Who you’re friends with
  4. Your location – freaked out yet? Let’s keep going…
  5. Your cell phone number
  6. Who your friends are friends with

Basically, Facebook has every single detail about their users.  Now here is the kicker, almost all of this information is behind lock and key (your login information). In other words, none of the information is available to Google!

Facebook: The Second Internet

A 1/5 of the entire internet population has a Facebook account. That’s a staggering figure! Over 4 billion pieces of information is shared on GoogleFacebook each month. And Google is locked out from almost all of this information. Essentially, Facebook is a second version of the Internet.

The “Big Picture” of Facebook

Facebook’s goal is not simply to be a social network. They want to be the communication hub. And to be honest, they are doing a darn good job of it.

Search Via Facebook Versus Google

More and more, people are relying on their friends recommendations to search the Internet. Search on Google for a local restaurant and you’ll get ton of results based on Google’s math formula. But search in Facebook and you’ll see restaurants that your friend’s have visited along with their recommendation. Obviously the latter is a more trusted resource

You Better Be Sharing Links on Facebook

But Facebook isn’t just limiting search to inside it’s walls, the new Facebook search shows articles and external sites that your friend has recommended. Still think it’s pointless to share your links and articles on Facebook?

Every Move You Make, Every Breath You Take, Facebook Will Be Watching You!

Thanks to things like Facebook Connect and OpenStream, Facebook now can follow you outside of “their” Internet. That’s because more and more sites are incorporating Facebook Connect. Basically, Facebook Connect allows you to login to sites using your Facebook account. But as soon as you do, Facebook now has the right to track a visitors every move throughout the Internet.

Is Facebook The Internet Stalker?

Okay, so let’s bring it back around. This post is not designed to scare the heck out of you and call Facebook a stalker, It’s to show you there is tremendous potential in Facebook and aligning yourself with Facebook. From a business perspective, getting fully onboard with Facebook is probably one of the best (and smartest) moves you can make. Remember, you have to think like a marketer. This information shouldn’t freak you out but instead get you excited. Tired of the leads? Connect with people on Facebook. You’ll know everything about your “friend”. Once you’re privy to the information, use it to deliver high value targeted to them.

Facebook Offers Incredible Information at Your fingertips!

Lastly, Facebook is amazing. It’s one of the few places that can deliver extremely targeted information to consumers. On Facebook, you don’t have to worry about everyone hiding behind a veil of anonymity. It’s absolutely incredible how much target information is at your fingertips. You not only know all your consumer’s contact information (which by the way, is always current unlike your out of date database), you know your consumer’s every move they make (status updates).

News Flash… Facebook Acquires FriendFeed!friendfeed

One of the big features about Twitter is its ability for real-time search. In case you haven’t heard, Facebook just announced it purchased FriendFeed. With that purchase. real-time search is that much closer for Facebook users. In case you aren’t familiar with FriendFeed, it is a social media aggregator of various social media portals. This acquisition will no doubt change the “face” of searching (sorry for the bad pun!). And if you didn’t know, FriendFeed was started by some ex-Googlers. It seems the search gauntlet has been cast and those of us who use Facebook will be the likely beneficiaries. Now more than ever, real estate agents need to be on Facebook.

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7 thoughts on “It’s Time to Start Taking Facebook Seriously!

  1. Yes, Facebook is becoming more and more ubiquitous and coming up with more and more features. I wonder, though, if it really will supplant Google. Maybe it’s just because I’m a Realtor but it seems I have a whole lot of other Realtor Facebook and Twitter friends who would not normally be my target audience. Another aspect of this is, since Facebook is so large, that my Facebook friends are from all over. You may be able to recommend an excellent restaurant down in the Raleigh area but I’m not eating in Raleigh this week. I may need a new dentist but I ain’t making the commute to NC. Know what I mean?

    I am still looking for the utility for social media. I enjoy it, for sure. I just haven’t hit the “cha-ching” button quite right, yet.

    Just my $.02

  2. Yes Facebook has become important these days. In facebook I like the community which grows up. You get connected with lot of people and get to know about them. Pretty useful from business point of view.


  3. Time will tell.

    An interesting thing is that some of my FB friends are like “wow, I didn’t know you were in real estate? And your blog is great!”

    Now that’s deepening a relationship.

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