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Dakno Admin – Email Notes

We’ve expanded the ability to keep track of contacts in the contact module. You now have the option of getting a unique email address (per user, per domain) that you can use to insert notes directly from your email into a contact entry in the contact module. You’ll find this new feature integrated into your contacts […]

Dakno IDX – Manage Property Classes

You can now manage the property classes that are available to visitors. Examples of property classes that may be shown or hidden are: Residential, Rental, Land, Multi-Family, Commercial, etc. These classes are dependent on the board you are in. By default, all property classes associated with your board are shown. Select the property classes that […]

Dakno Admin and Blogs Connection

We offer the ability to connect your Dakno blog and website*. Recently we’ve made some changes to this connection to improve this connection and make it easier to use third party applications, such as the WordPress App for mobile devices. If you stay logged into your site, you will need to log out and log […]

DA: People Module

We have combined the User and Staff modules into a new module called “People”. This module will allow you to create users, and these users can be assigned to contacts and properties. Additionally, if you’d like to show this user on your staff page, you’ll simply enable this feature on their user page. Enabling this […]

DA – User System Update

Last year we updated our authentication system and moved to email-based logins. This change allowed us to implement features such as the “forgot password” link and multi-domain login.  All users who logged in after April 19th were prompted to upgrade their account and should not be affected by this change. On May 29th, 2013 we will […]