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Dakno Admin – WYSIWYG updates and Form Tag Support

The improvements just keep coming down the pipeline from the programming team here at Dakno! Today we have updated the WYSIWYG editor and file uploader within the Dakno Admin. A few things were moved around so be sure to spend a little time familiarizing yourself with their new locations. The shortcodes button has been moved […]

Dakno Admin – Contact Tag Support

In keeping with our mission to provide real estate professionals future-proof web tools, Dakno Marketing is pleased to announce a new lead tagging system in your Dakno Admin. The following functionality is now available to help you more effectively manage/track your leads. Adds ability to quickly add custom tags to contacts Replaces “Status” dropdown menu […]

Dakno Admin – New Mobile Optimization Settings

All Dakno clients now have the option to enable (or disable) a mobile version of their website. To enable this option, log into your Admin panel and go to Settings. Scroll down to “Mobile” and you’ll be able to select “on” or “off”. Once you’ve turned on your mobile site, you will need to set […]

Dakno Admin – Updates and Enhancements

We have updated the front side of our Dakno Admin websites. Some highlights are: All maps have been updated. These come with new neighborhood, condo, and property markers. We have re-written the neighborhood, condo, and property photo viewer. The neighborhood, condo, property, area pages have been given a design refresh.

Dakno Admin – Email Notes

We’ve expanded the ability to keep track of contacts in the contact module. You now have the option of getting a unique email address (per user, per domain) that you can use to insert notes directly from your email into a contact entry in the contact module. You’ll find this new feature integrated into your contacts […]

Dakno Admin and Blogs Connection

We offer the ability to connect your Dakno blog and website*. Recently we’ve made some changes to this connection to improve this connection and make it easier to use third party applications, such as the WordPress App for mobile devices. If you stay logged into your site, you will need to log out and log […]

Dakno Admin – IDX Broker Platinum Integration

In a perfect a world, it would be so much easier to have all your web leads in one admin panel. With IDX Broker’s rollout of their Platinum version you now have the ability to sync your IDX Broker Platinum leads into your Dakno Admin. That way leads management will be much simpler. You can import […]

Dakno Blogs – Updates, 3.6, Updated Theme

We have updated all blogs to the latest version of WordPress (3.6), and updated all plugins. This update also brings an update to the theme that most users have activated. We started from scratch to take advantage of some of the new features WordPress has introduced over the years and focused on giving you more […]

DA: People Module

We have combined the User and Staff modules into a new module called “People”. This module will allow you to create users, and these users can be assigned to contacts and properties. Additionally, if you’d like to show this user on your staff page, you’ll simply enable this feature on their user page. Enabling this […]